ABBREX: Free Abbreviation Expander for Firefox and Chrome

Till date, we haven’t come across an application that allows finding meanings of abbreviations and acronyms while browsing the web. However, with ABBREX at hand, things have become much easier.

ABBREX is a free abbreviation expander add-on for Firefox and Chrome. The application automatically finds abbreviations on the page you visit and adds on-hover tooltips showing the meaning of them.

It has an extensive database which keeps on growing every day. Besides, users are most welcome to contribute by adding more abbreviations, thereby benefiting the community. The idea to develop ABBREX was originated in an attempt to solve one of the biggest annoyances, the myriad obscure gaming abbreviations!

How to use ABBREX?

Using ABBREX is as simple as installing the extension (Firefox/Chrome) and surfing the web. You don’t need to do anything. Once installed, the application is added as a button, adjacent to the URL bar. Every time you come across an abbreviation simply click ‘Run ABBREX on this page’ option and hover over the abbreviation to view its meanings in a grey-colored tooltip.

By default, the extension is on blacklist mode, i.e. it will expand abbreviations on all web pages unless you put a domain in the blacklist, and if you switch to white list mode, it won’t retrieve the meaning on any site unless you add that particular website to the white list. Clicking the Add New Abbreviation option will allow users to add the Abbreviation along with its meaning, tags, description, etc.

 Thus with ABBREX, you can conveniently look up abbreviation meanings without navigating away from your current webpage. Some of the generic abbreviations include LOL, OP, etc. as well as very specific abbreviations only meaningful in the context of games.

Download ABBREX for Firefox | Download ABBREX for Chrome.

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