How to Activate call forwarding & waiting in Pocophone with Poco Launcher

Activate call forwarding waiting In Poco F1

Just like any other Xiaomi phone which run MIUI, Pocophone is also powered by MIUI. The only thing take makes Pocophone stand out in terms of software is the Poco Launcher. In this guide, we will share how to  activate call forwarding and waiting in Pocophone

How to Activate call forwarding & waiting in Pocophone with Poco Launcher

This works in Poco F1, and upcoming Poco F2.

If you have two SIMs in your Pocophone, it only makes sense that you set up call forwarding. So if the first number is busy, the call gets diverted to the second number. That way you will never miss a call if one of your numbers if out of range or is not connected to the network, and so on.

While call waiting is useful to get notified about incoming calls while you are already busy with another call, call waiting helps in multiple scenarios. Right from being unreachable to when you missed attending calls

Activate call forwarding in Pocophone F1 with MIUI

activate call forwarding in Pocophone with MIUI

  • Open Settings > System Apps (App settings)
  • Then tap on Call Settings > Call Forward Settings
  • It will reveal four scenarios (Busy, Unreachable, Did not answer) for which you can configure call forwarding. You can either set up call forwarding for all of them or whatever you feel is right for you.
  • Tap on it, and then add a number to which the call should be forwarded to.
  • Save, and close.

activate call forwarding in Pocophone with MIUI

In case you have done this before on another phone, but with the same SIM (phone number), the number is retained with the operator. You can change or remove it in Poco F1

Call forwarding is also called call, diverting.

Activate call waiting in in Pocophone F1 with MIUI

In the same Call Settings menu, you have a dedicated option for call waiting. Tap on it, and it will query with the operator about the status of the service. If you find it turned off, just toggle the option on. Next time you get a call during a call, you will hear the beep.

Important notes

Call forwarding, call waiting, call barring, etc are very common now. It is available as a basic free service in most of the countries. However, always make sure that the policies did not change recently, and you know if it’s paid or free.

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