Amazing Tips and Tricks on Cricket

Cricket is the most popular sport in India, hands down. This is because it is not so much a sport but a tradition that began decades ago. Betting on cricket is more entertaining and can be profitable if done right. Here are some essential features you need to know to bet effectively today.

The variations of cricket bets

Betting on cricket sport is usually attractive as it offers a versatile array of options. It can be played in 3 ways. Most of them stem from the same type of cricket, test cricket. Here are the three types of bets you can place on. 

  1. Test Cricket
  2. One Day International
  3. T20

Test Cricket

Test cricket is one of the most sophisticated and is also the initial form of cricket. One match on this format can be stretched to run for a couple of days, making it have the most extended duration of all three. The matches take 11 players per team and a couple of hours of playing to finish a four-innings match. It is pretty popular among bettors and fans as it typically allows for watching the course of the game for an extended period and accumulating the excitement of unpredictability of the outcome.

One Day International

The one-day international is a type of limited-overs cricket that is often called the limited-overs international, which is played for eight hours only. The two international teams of 11 players faced 50 overs in a match. The most popular sports event is the cricket world cup played in this format and is held after every four years.


The third and last type is Twenty20 cricket, also referred to as the T20. It is also quite famous in the world of cricket leagues. The Indian premier league (IPL) is usually played in this format. In T20, every team is allowed to have only one inning, which means that there will be a maximum of 20 overs.

Great tips to consider when betting on cricket

Betting Odds

Understanding the cricket odds need to be the first thing you should learn before betting on this sport. To begin with, the odds appear in two ways – decimals and fractions. Regardless of the betting platform, you will be able to convert decimals into fractions and vice versa at almost any sportsbook.

The first step of betting in any sport is understanding the odds. Understanding the odds will ensure you have a smooth betting experience. Odds exist in two formats: decimals and fractions. Despite the betting platform, you should be able to convert decimals into fractions and vice versa.

Calculating the potential wins is quite simple. You need to multiply the odds with the preferred sportsbook by your stake, and you will get the precise sum.

Making Good Evaluation

For any bettor to have great winnings, they will need to analyze the games, players, victories, losses, and past leagues. This will help you know the best betting chance for you. A deep analysis of your betting strategy will increase your chances of winning. Start by looking at the team’s performance you want to bet on.

Analyze the pitch ground

Check the quality of the ground as it may affect the performance of any team.

Weather conditions

The weather affects how a team can play. For instance, a team may not play as expected, or a match may be canceled when it rains. When the weather is favorable, nothing will hinder a team’s performance.

Ranking and Ratings 

It is essential to check the history of a team. Focus on the number of points and games played in the past. Analyze the various factors that affect the match, relying on the rankings and ratings.


The transfers and the team change usually affect the performance of the team. Take special note of subs in the game.

The in-play variables 

 Cricket can sometimes be emotional, and those punting on live markets are more familiar with it than most of us. The in-game market – also known as the ball-by-ball market – is spontaneous. The odds change so fast, and there’s very little time to think before deciding.

When your bets are getting out of hand and to your head, it’s time to stop and evaluate what has transpired, as betting may blind your emotions and result in heavy losses. Hence, placing bets in a calculated and composed manner guides emotions making you win big.


It is vital to spare some time and dig deep during the match season or predictions by some of the famous sports analysts. Be keen to analyze thoroughly and trust your instinct.

Formulating a cricket betting strategy in advance will help you bag in more money during a  cricket live score today world cup you can easily make some money. With parimatch, you are ready to place a fun wager and win some cash.

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