These apps bring Android P like ‘Timer Feature’ on any Android Phone

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We do spend a lot of time on gadgets, especially on our smartphones. Spending a lot of time on the apps can lead to many health issues. So, the upcoming Android 9.0 P comes with a new timer feature which prevents you being addicted to the apps on your device. In this post, we are talking about such Android P like Timer Feature Apps for any Android Phone. Before that, let us discuss the Google’s aim with the new plan to reduce technology addiction.

What is Google Digital Wellbeing?

Mostly, we consider it addiction which we need to gain recovery. Well, Google, one of the most top tech companies, now comes with a new solution named “Digital Wellbeing.” As the name denotes, it focuses on creating digital wellness among the users, especially Android users.

Google found out that users spend a lot of time on apps and web services from their smartphone, which kills a big part of their day. Several types of addiction could also lead to some diseases. Realizing the situation, the tech company, which we all rely on, tries to make us more focused towards the life and not distracted from it with technology. This is considerably a great move from the company to show some concerns about the users and their data.

Based on the Digital Wellbeing, the Android P integrates the inbuilt timer and analyzer feature that helps you keep the record of your app usage. You can set a timer for each app, and when it meets, you will get notifications. Here are some of the apps that help you get the similar feature on any other smartphones.

Android P like Timer Feature Apps for any Android Phone


AppTym is a simple, easy-to-use digital wellness monitoring and controlling app available on Google Play Store. The app tracks the usage time and activity measurements on the foreground apps. So, whichever apps you use on the screen will be recorded and show you a digital track record of everything.

Android P like Timer Feature Apps

You can get a summarized report of your smartphone usage habit by the end of the day, along with the entire usage report and app-wise results. Also, you can find the how much time you unlocked the device and used continuously. It also sports the feature that lets you set limits to the app usages so that it forcefully closes specific apps after a deadline.


SPACE – Break phone addiction

SPACE, formerly Breakfree, comes with a smart system to reduce smartphone addiction effectively. It is a personalized program to learn and act based on your habit. There is a 60-days monitoring system in the app. It can determine and show you the stats, suggestions and most/least used app lists along with the usage time stats. Android P like Timer Feature Apps If you want to limit your smartphone addiction, the app offers options to block notification, screen dimming, and the warning to prevent you use the devices continuously. The app worth a try and undoubtedly benefits your digital wellness.


QualityTime – My Digital Diet

This is only a usage statistics tracking app and does not block you from using the device further. So, you are in charge of controlling the usage. QualityTime can show you the smartphone usage as interactive graphs and reports. You can also export the reports as CSV files to analyze later. The app also has some “take a break” sessions to block notifications and distracting sounds while keeping the device aside.

Android P like Timer Feature Apps


This is the list of best apps with timer feature to reduce smartphone addiction. This is what Google is doing as well with their next version of Android P. Most of the phones, at least good ones, are not supporting Android P in beta version. You can try it out.

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