Aussie Gaming Favourites – From Tabletop to Online

Here’s a fun fact: The first recorded use of the word “gamer” was documented in England, all the way back in 1422. But what it actually meant and referred to was “gambler” activity surrounding card or dice games involving money, which had become prohibited under the Code of Laws for the town of Walsall at the time.

Just like the English language itself, the term arrived in Australia with colonists and its meaning largely remained the same for a long time, right up to the 20th century, when gaming didn’t necessarily mean playing something that involved betting or wagering. This came with the advent of popular board games, which quickly became family favourites, often played on lounge or dining tables.

And this brings us conveniently to the modern day, given that 81% of Aussies now consider themselves as “gamers” in the statistical sense, according to surveys undertaken in 2023. Likewise, many of their favourite games have transitioned from the tabletop, going on to become popular online entertainment for the digital society of today, captivating audiences regardless of age or gender and social status.


Although it’s not one of the oldest card games around, few are more synonymous with sitting around a table in popular culture than poker. The game still remains highly favoured in Australia, especially at pubs, clubs, and casino venues. But ever since the country was one of the first to launch casino gaming via the internet, digital versions have now become far more appealing.

Based on reviews covering the top poker sites for Aussie players, there’s a huge choice of legitimate online venues available, each offering a wide range of game variants. Whether playing for real money or free games, the online realm offers players much greater convenience, whether accessing poker rooms via desktop or mobile devices. And the latter has really boomed over the last several years.

Dungeons & Dragons

Often considered to be the definitively original tabletop role-playing game (RPG), Dungeons & Dragons (often abbreviated as D&D or DnD) first appeared in the United States, co-created by Gary Gygax and Dave Ameson. The first edition of the game was published back in 1974, going on to become something of a global phenomenon, including a captivated audience that cherishes the game in Australia.

Tabletop versions are still going strong, particularly among enthusiasts Down Under with the DnD Australia group now boasting more than 11,000 members. Various revisions of the D&D rulesets have transitioned perfectly into video games, such as classic MMORPG Neverwinter Nights, which is now free to play for online adventurers, while there’s also Baldur’s Gate 3 that won copious gaming industry awards in 2023 across all platforms.


There can’t be many people who haven’t played Monopoly, right? It’s often considered to be the quintessential family board game, and if you dig around any Aussie home, there’s a good chance you’ll find a boxed version somewhere. That’s because aside from chess or checkers, Monopoly is the biggest selling board game of all time, selling more than 275 million units globally.

The great thing about Monopoly is that it has evolved, since first being commercially released back in 1935. That’s thanks to the release of numerous editions, covering various locations and themes. There’s even a Wagga Wagga edition, released for the New South Wales city in 2022. Of course, we also have many online versions of the game, such as Monopoly Go! for mobile devices, featuring cities and players from around the globe.

No Reason to be Bored

If you’ll excuse the obvious pun, there’s certainly no reason to get bored of tabletop board games in the digital age, which is undoubtedly due to how much these classic games continue to enthuse Aussie players. Whether you’re a traditionalist who prefers using an actual table or otherwise, playing the modern versions online, they still provide many hours of enjoyment.

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