The Geeks Club started as a small independent blog and has now expanded to a team of super talented geeks who are working continuously to bring the best and very useful information to make your daily life – A better life!

The Founders

Anand Khanse – He is a Microsoft MVP Awardee (2006-2016), a Windows Insider MVP and an end-user Windows enthusiast. Apart from The Geeks Club, Anand, conceptualized, created & own The Windows Club as well.

Nitin Agarwal – He is an avid reader, technology enthusiast, and like to explore new places. His passion for knowledge keeps him running all the time.

A vegetarian, who believes in reincarnation & law of karma, and follows the philosophy of “Live and let others Live” because all living beings have the equal rights to the resources of this planet. He loves to write about technology and social issues on his other website, PC-Tablet.

You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or drop an email at


Ashish Mohta – He is one of those guys who go deep into the topics even if it’s new with no Compromise. Up for challenges, Ashish had been into Tech Journalism since 2007 and carries deep experience with Windows, Android and Mac.


Akhil G – He is a skilled technology writer and widely-read journalist. Social media Influencer, FB India Media Partner. Managing multiple news portals and writing for many. Google Hall Of Fame award winner. Youth Icon of the year – Government of Kerala 2018.

Hemant Saxena – He is a book lover and a regular contributor to the Geeks Club. He has over 3 years of experience in iOS features coverage. He likes writing tutorials, forum posts, tips and covering Windows related developments. Other interests include travelling to different places and learning something new.