How to NOT waste time on Facebook

Little did Mark Zuckerberg know that in later years of his creating Facebook, it would turn out to be a new world if its own with more than 840 million users, larger than the population of Europe (Russia included) and even larger than the count of entire Internet users in 2004. That can be considered as a feat of sorts for Mark and his team at the Facebook headquarters but on a serious note, Facebook is no different than a cigarette: Addictive! No wonder its is being refered to as the new Opium for the masses!

Often a user undergoes immense battle with himself just to hit the ‘logout’ button, thinking his crush might just poke him or his manager might just send a reply. Or even maybe his clan may just win the game in Mafia Wars. Unknowingly, Facebook turns out to be a big time enemy of the user, eating away chunks of his important time and thus adversely affecting the productivity of the user.


Here’s how a user can try to use the best of his time on Facebook and not end up cursing himself for wasting time:

1. Ignore the ticker:

The ticker is one annoying feature in Facebook where it just doesn’t let a user browse in peace. It constantly diverts your attention into what a fellow user is up to. Advice: Just ignore the Facebook Ticker.

2. Block all the incoming app/game requests:

Aah! The more the app/game requests, the more you tend to think about them and the more you end up wasting time.

3. Stop searching for hot boys/girls:

Beware! Everything that glitters is not gold. So don’t fall for a hot girl’s or boy’s display pic and start drooling all over. It might just be fake or an edited version of a ‘Kim Kardarshian’ or a ‘Brad Pitt’. You know you are wasting time finding the likes and dislikes of a profile when there’s no certainty of the information displayed to be true.

4. Never enter into a comment thread:

Newton’s third law exactly fits into here – ‘To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. For Facebook, it is ‘For every comment, there is an equal and sometimes bigger reaction’. Blame the UX designers of Facebook for giving that ‘good feeling’ by pressing the ‘Enter’ button to register a comment. Looks good but let 30 minutes pass by and you’ll find yourself exactly where you started. Better to send off a simple message to the destined user and log out. Try it out. It not just woks but also saves a hell lot of time.

5. Use the ‘Go Offline’ feature quite often:

Ever tried going offline? Ask those who do and you’ll also want to. Stay offline, stay away from those frequent ‘pings’ and then observe your watch. You’ll be surprised to have a whale of time free to do your work. Safe and easy.

We care because there are other things more important than Facebook in life.

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Nitin Agarwal

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