How To Take Backup Of Your Twitter Accounts And Profiles


Twitter is one of the very popular social networking sites and when it comes to security of the Twitter account, it really very important. Twitter allows the user to see recent tweets of their following people in their page. But one drawback is the Twitter doesn’t provide the facility of backup in the settings of the Twitter account.

For security reason and to keep yourself safe, you should always take backup of your social network accounts. Twitter is also not any exception on this. There are backup settings for Facebook and Google+ not for Twitter. There are many apps where the user can back up the data by downloading such apps in their system for the security of their account.

Best 3 Tools To Backup Your Twitter Account and Profile:

1: Backup My Tweets:

When the user sign to this app, it will back up the users exiting tweets and it will check it every day for the new ones. Interface is very easy and it will take all backup very quickly too.

2: TweeTake:

Taking back up at Tweetake is a simple in logging like Twitter account and posting a tweet. When the users log in to this app with the Twitter Account, it will provide download button where it will back up all the tweets, friends, followers, direct messages etc from the users Twitter account.

3: TweetBackup:

The best part of this app is that it provides daily back up of the users Twitter account and data. The sign up process is lightly lengthy than other apps. It requires the user to provide email address. Its very easy to use this tool and it won’t request you password also.

This helps the user to have the data safe from the hackers and the spammers. I like TweetBackup app, this one is the best because it daily backups the user data and even Bill Gates like this apps too. Try all these 3 tools and tell me which one of these apps is your favorite in the comments field below.

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