Facebook Creators app launched for Android, What is it? Benefits etc.

Facebook launched a new platform for video creators and publishers to help themselves earn revenue and get more audience – Facebook Creators. The service is currently live and initially launched only for iOS devices. Finally, the company has released the Android app for Facebook Creator with complete features. Here are the highlights, benefits of Facebook Creators app and How to use it.

Facebook Creators app Android. What is it? Benefits, etc.

  • What is Facebook Creators
  • Creators Launchpad
  • Benefits of Facebook Creators App
    • Spotlight
    • Knowledgebase
    • Seamless support
    • Sound collection
    • Rights Manager
  • How to apply for the program?

What is Facebook Creators?

The Facebook Creators is just a publisher tool, similar to the Youtube Creators. It comes aiming the publishers and page managers who regularly update new videos. The Creators app comes with several handy tools to help the creators get connected with the audience. You can also see the stats, use upload tools, manage pages, etc. through this.

Benefits of Facebook Creators app and How to use it

All the comments from Facebook, messages from the Messenger, and also the Instagram growth or engagement are available to monitor directly from the app. You can post the same stories on your Instagram account and Facebook page. Additionally, it also allows the crossposting of videos to Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook Creators Launchpad

Apart from the Creators tools, Facebook announced a new feature named Launchpad. It enables the creators to earn money through the video monetization. It is the first time the company publicizes the monetization feature for everyone. You can apply for the Launchpad to show ads and earn money from your videos. You must also meet specific eligibility criteria to get approval. These are the eligibility criteria.

  • Creators from the US who upload videos regularly and the videos are three minutes or longer
  • Must have an active community and nice looking viewership
  • Users who comply with
    • the monetization eligibility standards
    • and follow content guidelines

Benefits of Facebook Creators app and Features

The Facebook Creators app comes with a lot of features that might remind you of the Youtube. However, it is quite evident of Facebook to influence creators more. Here are some of the highlights.

1] Spotlight: Spotlight for creators is provided to inspire other creators from facebook. It shows the success stories of Facebook creators.

2] Knowledgebase: Both the app and website offer several sessions to learn more about the Creators by Facebook. You can get the tutorials and guidelines to set up the entire page and creators account. Short lessons are available to learn from basic setup to advanced growth strategies.

3] Seamless support: The vast FAQ and Q&A sessions are quite enough to get rid of almost every doubts and confusion regarding Facebook Creators. As the Creators Community is also available, you can get support from other creators too.

4] Sound Collection: As a part of Creators, Facebook provides the sound or music collection for everyone. You can get many sound effects and music that are free to use, in various genres.

5] Rights Manager: It allows you to protect your original content from getting pirated. You can register for the Rights Manager and get credits when someone else posts the same video on their page. Your page name and link to the original video will be displayed at the bottom of your video published by others. Thus you can drive more traffic and boost the growth of your Facebook page.

How to Apply and use Facebook Creators

You can easily apply and use the Facebook Creators app and Creators Spotlight. Here are the quickest methods to use it.

  • Facebook Creators: Download the app from App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) > Login with your Facebook Account > Choose the page and start managing.
  • Facebook Creators Community: Go to the page and fill the form with necessary details. Click on “Let’s do this,” and You are part of the program.
  • Facebook Creators Launchpad: Go to the Launchpad page and apply with information. Once your page gets approval, you can start showing ads on videos.

I hope this article took you through the quick tour of the Facebook Creator app.

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