Best Android Apps That Can Help You Sleep Better

When you’re dealing with insomnia, it can be challenging. It can impact your entire health. Insomnia can cause chronic waking up during the night. You wake up feeling exhausted. Those feelings can be frustrating as you want to function during the day, and it is hard. However, there are ways you can cope with insomnia using technology. Many people have iPhones where they know sleep apps that work. But other people don’t use iOS. Here are the best Android apps that help with sleep issues.

These apps are chosen based on positive user reviews. Learn what they are, where to find them in the Android app store, and how they can benefit your sleep hygiene. Getting restful sleep is crucial to your wellness.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is an excellent app that keeps track of your sleep patterns. You receive statistics and sleep graphs each day. That way, you can monitor the quality and length of your sleep each night. It’s helpful to know what your insomnia triggers are or if there is a certain time you wake up each night. Some people awake at 3 am. The app has a sophisticated alarm clock that has the power to wake you during a light sleep phase.

Awoken – Lucid Dreaming Tool

Lucid dreaming is a phenomenon where a person is aware that they are in a dream. If you have that awareness, you can even start to choose your actions in your slumber. The Awoken app also includes a journal. When you wake up, you can keep track of what your lucid dreams are. A dream can provide crucial psychological insight into your deep-seated issues. We can discuss these emotional struggles with a therapist. When you have an app on your phone, it makes it easier to keep track of your subconscious. Many of us keep our smartphones beside our beds. That makes it easier to write down your dreams right when you get up.

Pzizz – Sleep, Nap, Focus

It can be challenging to let go of the business of the day. You may worry about what happened or replay conversations over and over again. Pzizz an app that incorporates music, sound effects, and beats that promote relaxation. Each time you use Pzizz, you will hear a soothing track. Your mind will begin to associate these sounds with winding down and going to sleep and associate them with sleep.

Nature Sounds

Nature sounds are known to soothe you into a relaxed state. Your body is preparing to go to sleep when you hear the sounds of rain, animals near a lake, or wind on a summer evening. The app lets you listen to waterfalls or gentle rain. It includes a timer, so it goes off when you doze off. That way, your phone doesn’t lose all its battery when you wake up.


Sleepa has high-quality sounds that encourage sleep. It creates a relaxing mood. Like many sleep apps, this one has a timer, so it stops when you’ve fallen asleep. There are 32 sounds in four different groups to put you to sleep. They include city noises, rain, and guided meditation. Sleepa includes three types of white noise, as well as pink and brown noise. It’s a versatile app that helps you choose the best options for your needs.

White noise lite

White noise is a unique app as it is interactive. You get to create custom sounds that you associate with sleep. You might struggle to find the right noise to put you to bed. You can combine custom sounds that work together to soothe you into sleep. If it helps, you can loop these noises, so they act as a mediation. White noise is an excellent app for creative types who have sleep issues.

Learn about sleep in therapy

These sleep apps are great resources to help those with Android devices. In addition to using apps, therapy is an excellent place to discuss issues you have with sleep. You might choose an online counselor or see someone in person. Regardless it is an excellent tool that you can use to discuss any sleep issues you have. If you want to learn more about the connection between sleep in mental health, click here. If you have sleep issues, it’s crucial to address them so you can feel better during the daytime. Better sleep improves your quality of life.

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