Best Android Apps To Draw On Pictures

Best Android Apps To Draw On Pictures

Thanks to the smartphones, all of us are now creative people. Smartphone users create many random pictures and other media files with their devices each day. More people are now interested in creating media contents (mostly pictures) with their devices. This guide discusses the best Android apps to draw on pictures i.e, best Android apps for doodling.

Drawing on pictures has become a common thing for Android users now. They do this each day to use as WhatsApp status or for any other requirements. Finding the best apps for drawing pictures is not an easy task as there are many useless apps in the Play Store which mocks the users with advertisements and all. That’s why we made the list of the best Android apps which lets you draw on pictures. Most of these apps are free to use and contains very fewer ads.

Best Android Apps To Draw On Pictures

All of these apps are available at Google Play store. You can choose your favorite app from this list and use them to draw on screenshots and other picture files. Some of these apps offer many additional features and capabilities too. Check them out:

Draw on Pictures

This is the best app to draw on pictures. From our testing, this app performed as the best one due to its clean user interface and features. In addition to that, this app weighs just 4MB in the store and it won’t consume much data from your limited data pack.


This app comes with more than 20 brushes for your convenience and you can adjust its opacity, font, size, and many more things. It supports a good collection of stickers as well. It comes with built-in tattoo editor which let you add tattoos to your images. Also, it has the option to use the same drawing on multiple pictures.


It is one of the most popular doodle apps on the mobile platform. This app can be used to draw from scratch or on existing pictures. PAINTASTIC also supports adding stickers to the pictures. It also comes with a good collection of different brushes and essential tools for drawing.


It also supports several cool brush effects for deep customization. Just like the previous app, this one also supports the options to change the opacity, color, size and font style. You can individually save your drawing and the picture separately.

Sketch- Draw & Paint

This might be the heaviest app in the list. Because the app weighs around 18MB in the Google Play Store. But it comes with several unique features and additional perks too. This app comes with more than 15 types of pens including bucket fill and smudge options.


This app also supports stickers and many symmetry tools. You can use other common options such as adjusting opacity, font, and color. Moreover, this app supports using multiple layers for the best user experience and professional editing. This app is developed by Sony.

These are the best Android apps to draw on pictures with fewer (or no) ads for drawing on pictures. All of them are available for free at Google Play store. You can choose the best one that fits your need from the list. Also, let us know in the comments if you have any app suggestions.

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