Best Android Emulators for macOS MacBooks

best Android emulators for macOS

Are you in search of the best Android emulators for macOS to run your favorite Android apps and games or to test applications? Well, to help you out, here is a list of the best Android emulators for macOS.

Best Android Emulators for macOS MacBooks

While these emulators work fine on the macOS, they will always be limited by the platform. So it is possible that some of the features won’t work as straightforward as they do on the phone.

  1. Bluestacks
  2. Nox
  3. AndY

All the Android emulators for macOS that we have featured in this list are entirely free to download and use. To understand in detail about Android emulators, check out our article on how Android emulators work.

1] Bluestacks

Bluestacks is the most popular Android emulator tool out of all. The application is available for Windows and macOS, and millions of people use Bluestacks around the world. Even though earlier versions of Bluestacks featured was quite slow in performance, newer versions are quite advanced.

The developers of Bluestacks claim the latest version of Bluestacks to be 8x faster than the previous iteration and 6x faster than the Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Download Bluestacks for macOS.

2] NoxPlayer

NoxPlayer is capable of running the latest Android applications and games by offering a high FPS.  Apart from supporting almost all the apps available in the Google Play Store, NoxPlayer for macOS also supports gamepads, keyboards, multiple instances, and script recording.

Download NoxPlayer for macOS.

3] AndY

Another popular Android emulator for macOS in 2019 is AndY. One remarkable feature of AndY is that you can use your Android device as a game controller. Useful when playing games on your macOS device through AndY emulator for better gameplay experience.

Download AndY for macOS.

So, which one of the Android emulators listed above are you using currently? Do mention your favorite Android emulator for macOS as a comment below.

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