Best Android Keyboards with Clipboard Features

Top Five Android Keyboards With a Clipboard

All Android smartphones usually come pre-installed with Google’s own Gboard keyboard app as the default input method. But this app lags behind in terms of many features which are already available in many third-party keyboard apps. One of them is the presence of the clipboard feature. In this article, we are discussing the Best Android Keyboards with Clipboard Features

Gboard is still offering the clipboard feature as a very limited option. It only lets you access only the last copied/cut entry. It doesn’t save any of the past entries except the last one. That makes it not useful for frequently typing users. However, Android operating system also provides the system-wide clipboard option, which pops up when you touch and hold on the text for some time irrespective of the keyboard app.

Best Android Keyboards with Clipboard Features

This guide is made for the people who are searching for the best leading keyboard apps in the marketplace that can save a maximum number of clipboards effectively for the maximum productivity. Check out the top five Android keyboard apps with a clipboard functionality.


SwiftKey is the most popular keyboard app on the mobile platform. It was trending in the market for a long time until the arrival of Google’s Gboard app.

Swiftkey clipboard

However, still, it is a great alternative to the default Gboard keyboard app. Swiftkey is popular for its modern user interface and the availability of a great collection of themes.

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TouchPal is another popular keyboard app for Android devices. If you don’t know, TouchPal is the default keyboard for the Vivo smartphones. It comes preloaded with Vivo devices.

touchpal keyboard

However, you can install it from the Google Play with much more functionalities including the most important clipboard option. It can save many of the past words without any issues.

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AI.Type Keyboard app is popular among the people who love apps which use less of the system resources. This app also features the deep functionalities for the clipboard manager.

AI.Type keyboard

You can even edit the clipboard items as you wish. However, you cannot pin the entries or create shortcuts. But you can easily create new clipboard items manually without any technical skills.

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Chrooma Keyboard app is very popular among the youngsters because of its customizing possibilities. It also provides a working clipboard management tool. However, it is the most limited keyboard app in this list. This keyboard is the same as the Swiftkey app, but it lacks many of its clipboard features.

chrooma keyboard app

You cannot dit or create manual clipboard items. In addition to that, you cannot create phrase shortcuts in Chrooma keyboard. However, unlike AI. Type keyboard app, this app lets you pin clipboard items.

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HITAP Keyboard is a really good app when it comes to the functionality of clipboard. This app has many more features as a clipboard manager. It gives you a mixed and different experience as a keyboard and clipboard manager.

Hitap keyboard

The app lets you create new entries. Also, the app lets you select and copy individual words from a phrase. In addition to that, you can directly translate the items using the icons at the bottom of the clipboard. Overall, HITAP Keyboard is a feature-rich keyboard app.

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These are the top five keyboard apps for Android devices which offer the best clipboard features for the users. All of these apps are available as free and you can even purchase their pro versions too.

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