Best Apps for Cyclists to use in 2021

Getting your cycling legs back under you as the summer season opens up may take a little guidance. To get the best app for your needs, it’s important to consider your cycling goals. If you’re just looking for a fun ride, a simple map for getting out and getting back may be enough. If you want big views, some hard riding for fitness, or group opportunities, you may be happier with a more detailed app.


The Strava app is ideally suited to any cyclist who really wants to push themselves and make more intense fitness goals. This can include competing against yourself or others. Strava will also help you track your personal physical experience, including your

  • heartrate
  • respirations
  • location

You can either sign up via social media or allow your loved ones access to your app information so they can track where you are, particularly in rough country or on crowded city streets. Those who love to cycle on a daily basis for heart health and joint strength will really love the Strava app. No matter how far you ride, Strava can help you track your miles, duration, and intensity.


Travelers will love the Komoot tools that allow you to find the most interesting trails. Let the app know the distance you’re interested in and your terrain tolerance so you can find trails that will suit your needs.

Not only can you find the perfect trail in your new city or along your traveling route, but Komoot lets you study up on popular biking adventures around the world. If you want to ride through the Alps, Komoot can give you a decent understanding of what it will take. Meanwhile, you can use Komoot to help you train for your bike ride through the mountains.

Finally, the Komoot tools don’t need constant internet access to give you guidance on your next turn or path choice. Simply download your path and map and Komoot will help you disconnect from the world and pedal into your next adventure.

Google Maps

Google cycling maps have been available since 2010. These maps now include nearly 30 different nations and routes from relaxing to challenging. Not only can Google Maps tell you where to take your bike for your next adventure, but Google Bikes can show you where the nearest bicycle and scooter sharing stations are.

According to Alek Asaduryan, founder of online cycling blog YesCycling, with the Google Bikes app, you can easily locate and unlock the bike inside the city. These shared cycling options can make large commuter cities, including Chicago, New York, London, and Montreal much simpler places to get around. Why walk or pay for a cab when you can bicycle your way to your next urban adventure?

Bike Repair Guide

No matter where you are, it only takes one mechanical bump to turn your cycling holiday into a nightmare. However, you can get bike repair tips on the Bike Radar Repair Guide.

This app is all about confidence and safety. It does more than just give you tips to repair what went wrong; you will actually have access to a checklist that lets you check the crucial points to

  • prevent spills
  • prevent damage due to missed maintenance

You can easily track cables no matter the routing, make sure your chain is in good shape and get all the bolts installed correctly; cross threading will cost you time and effort.

Wahoo Fitness

Your cycling plans may include a desire to enjoy the scenery, but most of us are working hard to get in good enough shape that we can work even harder next time. If the weather is rough and you can’t ride outdoors, you can use your Wahoo fitness app to help you hit your heart rate goals on a bike trainer and maintain your pace goals, even in your living room.

For those in training for a big race or a competitive ride, adding the SufferFest app can help you build more than cycling into your workout. In addition, you will get data about yoga, mental training and visualization, and strength training off your bicycle to get your body and mind in the best possible shape for a really tough ride.

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