Best Apps to video chat with multiple friends In high quality video

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Unlike earlier days of mobile internet and Internet Relay Chats, the video calling over the phones has become much easier with the arrival of Smartphones and faster LTE networks. Many apps are available in the market like the popular Skype for making video calls over IP. Still, many other less popular or lesser used apps come with much greater features that you would want. Most of the apps are free to download so nothing to worry about the subscription or premium period. Let’s find out how you can video chat with multiple friends In high quality video.

Best Apps to video chat with multiple friends in High quality video

As there are thousands of apps available in the Play Store and App Store, it is very difficult to point out a single service to consider the best. So, here are the best ones among the lot.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s Messenger app is one of the most popular video call and instant messaging apps available cross-platform. As the app is associated with the facebook, you need to log in using your FB account. you can also add your phone number while logging in, so your friends can find you. Apart from the personal video call, you can chat with multiple friends at a time over video in Facebook Messenger. The feature is available for a group, so you need to create one and add everyone who you wish to video call at a time. Here is how you can make video chat with multiple friends on Facebook Messenger.

  • Open Messenger app and create a group.
  • Add members to the group.
  • Open the group and tap on the Video call icon at the top. Your call will be connected to everyone who is online from the group.

Facebook Messenger Group Video Call

Download: Android | iOS

Google Hangouts

The Hangout is the top-notch chatting platform introduced by Google several years ago. Even though the company released a new app named “Duo” recently, it could not make multiple videos calls like many other platforms. Similar to the Facebook Messenger, the Hangouts is available on the web, Google Play Store, and iTunes App Store. It also allows you to make chats and video calls. Here is the quickest method to do it.

  • Install Google Hangouts and log in using your Google Account.
  • Tap on “New Conversation” icon > Click on “New Group.”
  • Choose the participants from your Google Contacts, or enter the Gmail address.
  • Tap on the check mark and open the group.
  • Tap on Video camera button and make video calls to multiple friends in the group.

Hangouts Group Video Call

Download: Android | iOS


IMO is a simple video chatting and calling app available on both Android and iOS. The video quality changes dynamically, related to the connection strength and bandwidth, so no interruption will occur. Unfortunately, the app has some ads within, but mostly not disturbing. Follow the below steps to make group video chats.

  • Open the IMO app and sign in with your mobile number.
  • Tap on the ellipsis (three-dots menu icon) at the bottom (Android) or top (iOS) and tap on Create Chat Group.
  • Type in a name > Next
  • Invite contacts to join your group.
  • Once they join, open the group and tap on Video Chat icon at the top right corner to start a video conference session.

imo group video call

Download: Android | iOS

These are the coolest apps ever to make video chat with multiple friends In high quality video. Finally, my question is here is–Do you know apps which work better than these? If yes, let us know in the commens.

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