Best Bowling Apps to play on your phone

If bowling is your favorite pastime, you’re probably itching for a night out with your friends. If it’s been too long since that last night out on the lanes, don’t lose hope– you can still feed your craving. You can bowl from anywhere– from home, on the bus, or while waiting at the doctor’s office! It’s a killer way to kill time, and there are hundreds of bowling apps out there for both Apple and Android, so you have plenty of options when it comes to picking your favorite. These are some of the top-rated and most popular bowling apps in the Play Store and App Store today, rated based on graphics, controls, variety of gameplay, achievements, and multiplayer capabilities. You should be able to find what you’re looking for without any issue.

Bowling King

  • Platforms: Android, Apple, Web
  • Developer:
  • Price: Free

Bowling King gives you the most variety out of any of the bowling apps out there. Not only does it have a vast array of colors and themes for you to pick from, but there are also multiple gameplay modes and over one hundred achievements you can aim for. You also have the option of mini-games and online multiplayer so you can bowl against players all over the world! Like most apps, there are upgrades that you can pay for, but of course, that is always optional and you can succeed in the game for free. This game is immensely popular on both iPhone and Android with a 4.6-star rating with people particularly highlighting its ease of play, so it’s definitely worth giving a shot.

PBA Bowling Challenge

  • Platforms: Android and Apple
  • Developer: Concrete Software, Inc.
  • Price: Free

PBA Bowling is a highly popular bowling app with a 4.5-star rating in the app store from addicted players. You get to rise through the ranks from a local bowling alley to playing with the top PBA bowlers to win championship trophies and keep track of your scores on the leaderboards. In-game purchases are available for power-ups and special abilities, but are not required to have fun in this game! Users enjoy the relaxing and realistic controls of this game. The multiple themes and sharp graphics make this a top contender for one of the best bowling apps out there today!

Strike Master Bowling

  • Platforms: Android and Apple
  • Developer: Rubicon Development
  • Price: Free

Strike Master Bowling is known for its bright and colorful graphics. You can even design the way your bowler looks! It has easy-to-use controls that allow anyone to play regardless of skill level. There are four game modes and 11 tournament modes to choose from, additional challenges, and online multiplayer. Of course, you can still gain achievements and trophies for your hard work. Reviewers find themselves addicted to it and enjoy the competitive features of the game, along with the simple controls. This is the perfect game to keep your mind occupied for a while while you’re passing the time during the day.

World Bowling Championship

  • Platforms: Apple and Android
  • Developer: Mobirix
  • Price: Free

World Bowling Championship is a classic bowling app with over 1,000 stages. Earn achievements and items to boost your gameplay. You can even customize your ball and the stages. There is a multiplayer mode where you can play with anyone in the world or with your friends. Of course, there is plenty to do by yourself if you choose to go that route, including bonus stages and fun challenges! Users enjoy the 100 pin challenge in particular, and positive reviews have given this game a 4.5 in the App Store. This game is definitely recommended if you are looking for a challenge and are a fan of classic bowling.

Kingpin Bowling

  • Platforms: Apple
  • Developer: Frosty Pop
  • Price: Free

Kingpin Bowling is the wackiest bowling app you can find. If you’re looking for a twist on bowling, this is it. Dodge hot dogs, soda cups, and popcorn as your ball moves down the lane in this game. Recommended by, this game is immensely popular among iPad users and has a 4.5 rating in the App Store. Users love the fun cartoon style and the time-wasting capabilities this game has to offer. There are in-app purchases, but they are entirely optional. This game is entirely recommended if you’re looking for a fun arcade-style bowling experience.

Galaxy Bowling 3D

  • Platforms: Android
  • Developer: Winterlight
  • Price: Free

Galaxy Bowling 3D is a good-looking bowling game with lots of different options. They have five different game modes and five variations of play. The more you play, the more locations and customizations you unlock. You can keep track of your scores on the leaderboards and play with up to 4 friends using local multiplayer. The best part of this game is that there are no microtransactions! Everything is free in the game, and if you want more content you can upgrade to the $4.99 version. Android Authority calls Galaxy Bowling 3D “one of the better bowling games.” It has a 4.4-star rating in the Play Store and hundreds of positive reviews among satisfied users. This is definitely a recommended game if you like a clean-looking game when you bowl.

Strike! Ten Pin Bowling

  • Platforms: Android and Apple
  • Developer: Touch Mechanics
  • Price: Free

Strike! Ten Pin Bowling is a very simple bowling game that has become so popular, it’s even out for the Nintendo Switch! With an easy flick of your finger, you can send the ball sailing down the lane with smooth graphics and realistic physics to knock down all the pins. You can play against other players in online multiplayer, or play candle pin, duck pin, and rubber band duck pin bowling with another player as well. There are 3 mini-games available when you’re ready for some variety, each with multiple levels and 30 frames. The most avid completionist can win over 30 achievements. This game is great for someone looking for that simple game to pass the time.