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It’s critical for your mailing list to be accurate if you operate email marketing campaigns or send out daily mass emails on a regular basis. If you want to collect authentic emails and remove invalid ones from your contact list, then you are probably looking for the best email authentication tools you can find. Email address validation is aimed at directly identifying non-existent and incorrect addresses, increasing the ability to send letters and mailings to real recipient addresses.

The advantages of email marketing are direct, quick communication with potential customers, relatively inexpensive implementation costs, automation, growth of targeted actions from subscribers, and growing loyalty to your brand. But companies are faced with the problem of getting into a spam, which significantly undermines their reputation as a sender of emails. If you do not prevent your domain and IP address from getting into spam and blacklisting, in the future this will lead to the inability to effectively use email marketing.

To begin with, sending exclusively to existing recipient addresses helps to retain the reputation of the SMTP server as well as the sender’s domain name, lowering the cost of assigning additional resources. It’s worth mentioning that the pace with which letters are processed will improve, as will the quantity of soft and hard bounces.

Having a clean, high-quality email database is essential for successful email sales. However, over time, duplicates, addresses with errors, broken mails or undeliverable messages will appear in any database. For this reason, the validation of emails is an important step. You should always remember to keep your email address database clean. It is as important as having a clean email inbox without spam messages and marketing promotions. Cleaning of your lists should be done at least every 6 months, but depending on the size of the base. The larger the database, the more likely it is that invalid email addresses will appear in it, and the more often it is worth validating.

There are a lot of bounce checkers and verification services that can help you check if the email is valid. Here is the list of some of them:

  1. is a safe cleaner of the list of email contacts. You get free access to 100 addresses. This service is easy to use, it is integrated with API and CRM, and it does verification through the extension in Google Chrome, which can be convenient for its users.
  2. ZeroBounce is a service for checking the base, which finds information on clients and saves the information in its reports if you specify IP data. It can check up to 100 emails for free. This service can find additional information about clients, in addition to cleaning spam traps and service addresses.
  3. Xverify. In this tool, the billing starts at $0.01 per address for a 5000 email base, but the cost decreases as the number of addresses in the list increases. It protects against fraud with built-in data protection. DataValidation provides live chat and email assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can rest easy knowing your questions will be answered quickly.
  4. BulkEmailVerifier. To start work with this service, you register, upload the database – and the validator automatically removes addresses that may negatively affect your reputation. It also allows you to work with several lists at the same time. Its validation speed is really quick – about 100000 emails per hour.

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