FaceApp : Best Face Editor App for Android and iPhone

FaceApp Face Effects

Looking for an app which can add a smile on your face? Make you look young? or even change your gender? FaceApp is just the app. This is the Best Face Editor app available for both Android and iPhone.

Wireless labs, a Russian company released its face editor app for iOS users in January last year. The app suddenly became a huge sensation. As soon as they released its Android version, the App rose to ‘#1 in trending’ apps list. Similar to the Prisma app uses neural networks to make changes to your facial expressions.

FaceApp Face Effects

FaceApp: Best Face Editor App for Android and iPhone

So, how do we use Faceapp app in Android or iPhone device? In this article, We show you how to use FaceApp in Android and iPhone devices.

The first you have to do is install FaceApp in your device. You can directly download and install the app from the Play Store or App store. You can see the app installed notification once it’s done and a Blue-and -orange figurehead on white background logo can be seen in your device.

Open the Faceapp App

Click on the Faceapp icon on your installed application menu to open the app. Give the necessary permissions for the phone to run, if you are using it for the first time.

Select or take a new photo

Once the app is opened you can select any picture from your gallery using the gallery panel at bottom of your screen. Gallery panel automatically shows you face pictures from the Gallery. You can also take pictures using the camera.

Open camera from the app and face it to somebody’s face and tap on the white circle shutter button. Faceapp also allows you to search for faces on the internet so that you can work on faces of celebrities.

Add effects to your Face

Here comes the main attraction of FaceApp. It comes with many inbuilt effects which can transform your face into different stages. Its magical transformation effects and the scene effects change your entire initial appearance of the photo. It comes with a set of smiles, impressions, hairstyles, beard styles, eye wears, and much more. Overall, it can entirely transform you into a different person.

FaceApp Multiple Effects

Once you have selected the picture to edit, you can add an effect by swiping left across the effects menu. You will be shown a list of available filters and you can click on any of those to preview it.

Combine multiple Face effects

That said, you can also combine multiple face effects together. To do that, tap on the edit button, and it will open an advanced editor tool. Here you can add

  • Multiple face filters (up to 3)
  • Filter effects
  • Tools which include Background, Lens Blur, Crop and so on.

You will find that some effects only work in Collage mode, You will be prompted to change to the Collage mode if you try out any such filters. tap on Add to collage button to start making a collage. To add multiple images to your collage, tap on “+” sign on the top right of your image.

Download/Share/Sent your image

Once you have completed adding effects to your Images or finished making a new collage, Faceapp provides you option to Share, download or sent your edited image. To download the image, Click on the Download Icon on your screen. The image will be saved to your gallery once you do this.

To Share the image to social media, Click on the Share Icon on your screen, and select the app with which you want to share.

The app also offers Pro version but its subscription based. It will cost you around Rs 299/Month to Rs 133/ Month if you pay for a year. You can also choose to pay for one time which costs around Rs 3099. So if you really have the use, you should go ahead. Being the best Face Editor app, paying makes sense if you have that kind of usage.

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