Best features of iOS 13 you should know about

Apple has big plans for the iOS 13. Debuting this fall, Apple’s goal is to roll out their new dark mode, photo tools, and swipe keyboard features on the latest version of their operating system. Also including new Maps features and the ability to customize avatars and emojis, the iOS 13 is trying to take on Google’s Android Q, which is the latest operating system that 90 percent of the world’s phone users can upgrade to.

The iOS 13 will also be exclusively for iPhones, iPads will have their own new operating system aptly called iPadOS. 2019 iPhones will be behind Android rivals in support for 5G and other features like periscope zoom and a new night mode, the new software and 2020 model iPhones will push Apple into new territory. Here are some of the best new features on iOS 13.

Faster Performance

Perhaps the most important upgrade of the iOS 13 is the faster performance. According to analysts of Apple, it will have 30 percent faster Face ID unlock, 60 percent smaller app update sizes, 50 percent smaller app download sizes, and will run faster when it launches apps. While these percentages are merely estimates, all devices will benefit from these upgrades.

Swipe Keyboard

While Android users have been using a swipe keyboard for years, Apple’s iOS 13 will have this feature, according to the experts at MoneyPug, a site used commonly to compare mobile phones. The technology is fairly simple, trace a word to type it out. It takes about the same amount of time as typing, but it allows the user to type words using one hand.

Dark Mode Upgrade

The iOS 13 will come with an updated dark mode setting that allows you to replace a bright screen with a dark one across your apps. These include your calendar, music, and photo apps. While it appears to now be system-wide, there could be exceptions. It is a popular setting on all mobile devices, and expanding its capabilities is a new feature that will likely please Apple customers.

Camera Features

Another feature that improves upon Apple’s light mechanisms is portrait lighting for photos and video. This is a brand new tool for your iPhone’s camera app that adds more lighting effects to smooth over your skin, you can also change the intensity and location of your portrait lighting. A new tab for photos provides access to new tools that will remove duplicate photos and highlight the best ones. Editing filters as well as vignette, vibrancy, auto enhance, and noise reduction accents will be available.

While photo editing will get a boost, the new ability to adjust photos by tapping and dragging with your finger, these tools also apply to video. This means that you will be able to rotate a video if you shoot it incorrectly and then apply filters and effects. Furthermore, live photos and videos will display as you scroll, the photo app will automatically organize photos by date, giving you the ability to view photos based on day, month, and year.

Merging Find My Friends & Find My Phone

With the iOS 13, Find My Phone and Find My Friends will converge in a single app. Beyond locating nearby friends, you will also be able to find your phone in the couch using the same app. Even when the phone is offline, the tool is encrypted and anonymous, according to Apple. They say it won’t allow thieves to reboot your phone unless you activate it.

Siri’s New Voice

Apple’s voice assistant Siri will have an audio update on the IOS 13. The goal is to make it smoother and more natural. The AI software, which is a neural talk-to-speak network, will speak with fewer gaps and sound modulations. It will also work better with other Apple products like the AirPods, the CarPlay, and HomePod.

You will be able to create personalized shortcuts and there will be suggested automatons that will allow you to create a new template. Users will also have the ability to share a movie or song with a simple tap and switch from your phone to HomePod when you are on a call.

This isn’t all the new iOS has to offer. There will be new apps and a long list of new features. As Apple lags behind competitors, they are gearing up to strike back and unveil new technologies that will get consumers excited about their products.

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