Best Google Assistant Tips and Tricks

Best Google Assistant Tips and Tricks

Google Assistant is one of the most widely used personal assistant apps across smartphones. As the Google dominates the market with its Android operating system, the Google Assistant functions in the majority number of smartphones as a default. Apart from being a chatbot, the Google Assistant can become the master of your smartphone. You can control your device, do many tasks and finish your day at work with this AI-powred tool right on your smartphone. If you are unaware of the complete functions of Google Assistant, here are the Best Google Assistant tips and tricks for making use of the service.

Best Google Assistant Tips and Tricks You should know

Setting up the Google Assistant on a smartphone is way easier than opening an app for the first time. Your smartphone will have an inbuilt Google Assistant. Look for the app icon on the drawer or, touch & hold the home button to prompt the setup. You just need to log in using your Google account and provide the preferences. It also uses the entered name as the nickname to address you every time.

Voice Match

The Voice match is a newly added feature to the Assistant. You can add up to five voices. The app stores every voice profiles and responds with the personal data (calendar, schedules, etc.) by recognizing the person. You can navigate to Google Assistant Settings > Voice Match to set up the voice match feature.

Voice Match settings in Google Assistant

Get the day summary

There is a “My Day” option in Google Assistant that provides you the complete summary of the current day. It includes weather, work, meetings, reminders and the latest news. You can change the locations and preference to get the weather with temperature accurately when you ask. To configure this,

  • Go to Google App Settings.
  • Tap on settings under “Google Assistant” section.
  • Scroll down and tap on “My Day.”
  • Choose the necessary options.

Use Shopping list

Google Assistant has a shopping list inbuilt to store the items as a list and remind you when you hit the supermarket. You can simply ask Google Assistant to add or retrieve shopping list. Eg. “Ok Google, Add toothbrush to my shopping list.”

Shopping list settings in Google Assistant

Connect your music services

You can connect your music services to Google Assistant to play songs from any services whenever you ask. Go Assistant Settings > Music to find and add the compatible services.

Music settings in Google Assistant


You ask Google Assistant to schedule an appointment at your favorite place if available through Google Assistant.


Google Assistant can get you the latest news. Ask for “latest news” and it will narrate you latest interest based news. Instead of general news, you can also ask for topic-focused news.


Do you always search in Google or use Translate app to get quick translations of some words? You can simply ask Google Assistant to get the translation of any word or phrase.

Control your device

You can control some of the settings of your smartphone and use some functions without even touching the screen. Here are some commands.

  • Turn on/off WiFi.
  • Turn on/off the flashlight.
  • Open [app-name].
  • Turn off the phone.
  • Lock the screen.

Entertainment Unlimited

Sing a song, Recite Poem

You can ask Google Assistant to “sing a song,” and it will sing some random, funny songs in the natural voice. Ask “recite a poem” to get a random poem instead of a song.

Tell a story, joke

This is one of the funniest parts. Ask Assistant to “tell a story” or “tell me a joke.” You will get something to laugh.

I’m Feeling Lucky

Say “I’m Feeling Lucky” and see what happens.

Get Birthday Wishes

You can try saying “Today is my birthday” to get birthday wishes. Also, ask for a birthday wishing song to hear “Happy birthday to you” in Assistant’s voice.

Ask to play something

You can ask Google assistant to play some movie, video or music from your local library. It will choose an app and play it for you. Also, you can watch Netflix shows.

Play Games

Asking “play a game” to Google Assistant will show you some simple, fun games and tasks.

Get rid of boredom

If you are bored, Google Assistant is there too. You can say “I’m bored” to get something that ‘probably’ might help you.

Toss a coin

Say “Toss a coin” and you will get either head or tail.

Above mentioned are some of the Best Google Assistant Tips and Tricks. You can find many while using the service itself. You can ask it to control your smartphone settings including data, wifi, etc.

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