Best hidden VLC tips and tricks on Android

best hidden VLC tips and tricks on Android

VLC Player is the most popular video player apps available for all platforms including desktop and mobile. At the same time, it has so many competitors and very powerful rivals in the market. But still, VLC Media Player is very popular among digital content consumers and people with specific requirements. It is purely due to the specialties of this awesome media player app. This article discusses the best hidden VLC tips and tricks on Android you can try out on this Media Player app in Android.

VLC Media Player is popular due to its well-packed features. The app has numerous amount of toolkits and essential features that makes your video viewing experience much better. Many users have already become a fan of this app due to these features. However, there are a lot more for you to explore. VLC Media Player app has many secret hidden tricks and unknown features inside. Let’s check them out!

Best hidden VLC tips and tricks on Android

There are many hidden features within this app. However, many of them are already familiar for the users because of their usability and easy accessibility. But yeah, still there are many more things to try out.

Gesture support

Gesture support is very common in many other leading media player apps. However, VLC Media Player was one of the first media player apps to bring to the Android platform for the users. With the support of advanced gestures, you can enjoy your favorite video contents with a cool and refreshing control style.

Gesture support for VLC Player

When these navigation gestures are enabled, you don’t have to use your phone’s native controller buttons to adjust the basic things such as volume, brightness, zoom level etc. With the touch-based gestures, it becomes very easier for everyone to consume video contents even for the small kids.

Automatic video and audio sync

It is a common issue that when we watch any media file in our media player, the audio makes no sense to the visuals in the video. It is mostly due to the bad copy of the media file or some corruptions. Nothing is more irritating than this.

vlc audio sync

When using VLC Media Player to play videos, you don’t have to worry about that. This app offers an inbuilt solution to fix this problem. To do that, simply tap on the video options in the VLC and choose the option named Audio Delay. You can further adjust the playback time of your audio with the video.

Picture-in-picture mode

PiP mode is one of the most welcomed features in the latest Android versions. However, it has so many haters and lovers at the same time. VLC also supports this feature for their users. If you don’t know, PiP mode is a special feature which brings the media content playing in the player to a small square on the home page as a mini player. The best thing about this is that it will play in the background. You can play your favorite video and text your girlfriend at the same time.

vlc pip mode

However, this feature can be annoying for many users because it becomes a mini player when someone presses the home button to close the app. Anyways, it is a default feature and you will have to disable it manually. To disable it, go to Preferences > Background mode and tap on the Stop option.

These are the best hidden VLC tips and tricks on Android. There are many more features in this app and they are very useful for you too. List out your favorite features of VLC Media Player for Android in the comments section below.

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