Best Lyrics Apps for Android for your Music

Best Lyrics Apps for Android

It is our nature seeking for the lyrics of any sings that feel so good to us. After going through the lyrics, we hum to them whenever the song comes up. We all search for lyrics of any specific songs on search engines or any lyrics website like AZ-Lyrics. Well, there are apps for that too. What if you could see the lyrics of any songs right from your smartphone itself, without much job. It is now all can get done using the apps. Here are the best lyrics apps for Android for your Music.

Best Lyrics Apps for Android for your Music

We picked the most rated, popular apps from Google Play Store that provide you with lyrics for almost every song, with excellent usability. Here are the best lyrics apps for Android.


Shazam is one of the largest collections of music lyrics and related items on the web. The app can recognize the songs, search lyrics and sing along with the songs. You can also watch song videos from the app while reading the lyrics. You can also follow artists and bands to get their latest songs along with lyrics. It allows you to find songs and add them to your Spotify or Google Music collection in just one tap.

Shazam Lyrics app for Android


Musixmatch is popular as one of the best rivals to the music recognition service Shazam. the app comes with an inbuilt music recognition feature, that makes the match in the quickest way. The app also offers the lyrics option. One of the major highlights is the floating lyrics. The lyrics button, which resembles the Messenger Chat-head, pops up whenever you play a song either on your native music player, streaming service or even on youtube. The app listens to your music and highlights the line which is being played at the current time. You can also create card-images with lyric quotes.

Musixmatch lyrics app for Android

Genius – Crowdsourced Lyrics App

Genius is a crowdsourced place for song lyrics and related information. You can search for the lyrics of over 1.7 Milion songs in the app. As the platform has the support of a big community, you would be able to find the fact behind songs and even lines. The highlighted lines in a lyrics contain annotations. The app also provides verified contents from the artists regarding songs and lyrics. The app does identify the songs that are playing in the background and shows the matching lyrics.

Genius Lyrics App for Android

Lyrics Match

The Lyrics Match is a music player that integrates the lyrics option. It lists songs from your device storage, as like every music players, and shows the lyrics that match with the songs. The app has an auto-synchronization option that makes a match with the songs playing the background with the highlighted lines in the lyrics. All the lyrics are offline (need to download while online).

Lyrics Match Music Player for Android

Lyrics Library

As the name denotes, the Lyrics Library is an organizer app, only for lyrics. Using the app, you can write, edit, save lyrics on your own. It is also possible to search and download song lyrics from Intenet, within the app itself. Lyrics Library also allows editing the downloaded lyrics too. The app also provides cloud backup for all of your lyrics.

Lyrics Library App for Android

After getting any of these apps, you can start listening to songs while reading to their lyrics. Hope you found the write-up helpful.

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