Best OnePlus 6T Hidden Tips and Tricks

best tips and tricks for oneplus 6t

OnePlus have always amazed us with their in-house OxygenOS complete with top-notch optimizations and a ton of customization and features baked right in with a close to stock Android experience. Here we have some of the best-cherry-picked OnePlus 6T Hidden tips and tricks that we’ve found out through the system.

OnePlus 6T Hidden Tips and Tricks

The OxygenOS is one of the most popular Android custom skin. It comes with heavily customized features and exclusively hidden utilities for the users. Check them out:

1) Quick launch apps with the fingerprint scanner

A cool feature that comes with the new in-display fingerprint scanner is launching apps with it. Cool right? Well, one can launch apps with fingerprints. All that takes is to press and hold on the in-display fingerprint scanner until you see the apps screenshot. To enable it, go to Settings -> Utilities -> Quick launch and turn on the slider. Choose the apps you want to keep under the Shortcut settings below it.

2) Disable the Notch

As it was with the original OnePlus 6, the 6T also comes with a notch, however, the size of the notch is significantly reduced. It’s now shaped as a waterdrop which means you are free from the bigger notch that you see on the OnePlus 6. But you still want to remove the notch and want a flat bezel, you can simply disable the notch and add the back bars to it.

how to hide notch in oneplus 6t

To get rid of the waterdrop notch, head over to the Settings -> Display -> Notch display menu and select the option ‘Hide the notch area’. This will add the black bars around the notch area making the notch invisible to you.

3) Apply dark theme

OnePlus 6T also offers dark theme and change the accent colors. You check that out by going to settings -> Display -> Theme and choose Dark. Just below that, you’ll be able to choose the Accent color to your choice.

4) Capture images in RAW format

The camera on the OnePlus 6T is capable of snapping RAW images, here’s how you can do it. To take pictures in RAW on the 6T, launch the camera > tap on the upward facing arrow at the bottom > select Pro mode. In Pro mode, there is an option to enable RAW format capture. Tap it and turn it on, voila now you can take the highest detail from the 6T camera that you can later do touch upon.

5) Quickly launch assistant

The new version of Oxygen OS bundled with the OnePlus 6T comes with a cool feature of triggering the Google Assistant. Holding down the power button for 0.5 seconds can bring up Assistant. Enable it by going to Settings -> Buttons & gestures -> Quick activate the assistant and turn the toggle.

6) The new Pie navigation Gestures

Google introduced the Android Pie with the whole new gesture-based navigation system. It’s now faster and easier to get through your normal usage with the device. Tapping the pill-shaped button will take you to the home screen, swiping right will open last used app, swiping up will open recent apps, and swiping up and a quick drag will open up the app drawer. Although the old back button is here to stay, yet in a modern look.

navigation gesture in android pie

Enabling the gesture-based navigation is pretty smooth and can be found under Settings -> Buttons & gestures -> Navigation bar & gestures and select ‘Back, Home’ (the second one).

7) Control music with screen-off gestures

Control music by screen-off gestures you can do even while the device is in deep sleep mode. play/pause and change tracks are just a few swipes away. To enable this cool feature go to Settings -> Buttons & gestures -> Music control.

That’s our pick of the top exclusive cherry picked hidden features and tricks that the OnePlus has for us in their latest version of OxygenOS for the OnePlus 6T and we hope most of the features will also be carried over to the 6 through an OTA update!

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