Best receipt scanner apps for Android – Free and Paid

Best receipt scanner app for Android

We usually tend to spend a lot on online as well as retail shopping. And as you’d agree, it’s always not easy to keep track of the physical receipts we get from stores. That said, we are here with the best receipt scanner apps for Android that will help you scan, track, and manage your receipts.

Best receipt scanner apps for Android – Free & Paid

  1. Expensify
  2. Google Photos/ Google Lens
  3. Receipts by Wave
  4. NumReceipts
  5. Smart Receipts Plus (Paid)

Best receipt scanner app for Android

Indeed, receipts are needed in certain instances, be it for filing tax, managing your business’s expenses, or just keeping track of personal expenditure. However, it’s always a hassle to store and keep track of physical copies in this busy life. Thankfully, with the development of financial apps, it’s possible to keep track of your receipts using your smartphone. There are several apps available in the market using which you can create digital copies of your paper bills. Following the same, below is a list of the best receipt scanner app for Android.

1] Expensify Receipt Scanner

Expensify Receipt Scanner

Expensify is indeed one of the most popular receipt scanners out there. Take a picture of the receipt, and you’re good to go. Thanks to the SmartScan feature, it automatically scans the receipt for necessary information, saving a considerable chunk of time.

The app also lets you generate mileage reports and import credit cards, allowing for tracking expenses quickly. Furthermore, seamless integration with mobile and web app enables you to check your receipts on your phone as well as computer.

However, the extraction of information from the image might be slow at times as it prioritizes accuracy over speed. Nonetheless, the app is also compatible with accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, Intacct, Oracle, Sage, etc. making it very productive for professionals. That said, Expensify brings a plethora of features that too at zero cost, making it the best receipt scanner app for Android.

Download Expensify for Android

2] Google Photos/ Google Lens

Google Photos/ Google Lens

What if I say that you can organize your receipts with Google Lens or Google Photos app? Well, if you have turned on backup for photos, the Google Photos will automatically detect the pictures containing receipts. To look for the same, you can open the Photos app and search for “receipts” in the search bar. The app will pull all images containing images of receipts.

Moreover, you can also scan your receipts using Google Lens app and back them up on your Google Assitant. Once done, you can quickly call back all your receipts by saying “show my receipts” to the Google Assitant. While the feature is very simplistic in Android Oreo, Android Pie is relatively better in recognizing and sorting these receipts.

The apps won’t be able to generate reports but are useful for someone who wants to keep track of receipts on the phone. Notably, both the Google Photos and Google Lens are pre-installed on most of the Android phones. However, you can still download the standalone versions using the link below.

Download Google Photos for Android  | Google Lens for Android | Google Assitant for Android

3] Receipts by Wave

Receipts by Wave

As the name suggests, Receipts by Wave is primarily a business expense tracking tool that can help in saving and managing your receipts. Notably, its ability to scan multiple receipts at once makes it a robust tool for professionals. Furthermore, you can also search for your phone’s gallery for scanning receipts.

The app can accurately recognize your receipt’s information using OCR, and hence you don’t have to waste time in manually putting details. Moreover, the best part is that you can sync all those receipts on your free Wave account’s cloud storage. The app is entirely free and doesn’t put limits on the number of scans you can do each month.

Download Receipts by Wave for Android

4] NumReceipts


NumReceipt is yet another popular mobile scanning app that offers certain unique features. It includes an OCR scanner, mileage tracker, multi-currency support and cloud storage to manage your income & expenses efficiently. You can quickly scan/ capture your paper receipt with your smartphone. Also, you can even append multiple images for the long receipt. 

The app has a highly intuitive interface and extracts Total, Tax, Retailer, Date from Receipt for quick upload using OCR. You can further add values manually for expenses paid by cash. It is loaded with a slew of amazing features including an option to generate PDF/XLS report or mail it in zip format, multi-Currency support with automatic exchange rate calculator and monthly Bar chart report. Interestingly, NumReceipts also offers backup and restore feature besides a security option to lock app with a four-digit passcode.

Download NumReceipts for Android

5] Smart Receipts Plus (Paid)

Smart Receipts Plus (Paid)

With Smart Receipts Plus, you can create fully customizable (PDF, CSV, and ZIP) reports for both your personal finance tracking and your employer’s needs. Smart Receipts Plus lets you choose from over 20 different default data types including dates, price, tax, receipt categories, comments, payment methods, etc. It helps in generating a comprehensive report, saving you hours in managing paperwork.

Like other apps, you can either take receipt photos with your camera’s phone or import receipts from the gallery. The app will smartly recognize your data using character recognition. You can also tag receipts with necessary metadata. The feature we loved the most was tracking distance traveled for mileage reimbursement.

Besides, the app also offers a smart prediction based on past receipts and automatic backups on Google Drive. Note that it is an open source software and you can trust that expense data remains yours and won’t be secretly sold to third-party advertisers.

Download Smart Receipts Plus for Android 

So this was our list of best receipt scanner app for Android. Do let us know which is your favorite mobile scanning app amongst all. Also, feel free to reach us via comments in case of any queries.

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