Best SEO Software in 2020 – SE Ranking Review

A reliable and resourceful SEO Software is crucial for the success of any business in today’s competitive Search engine landscape. Among the many SEO tool kits available, SE Ranking has stood the test of time and is arguably one of the sensible choices so far. Not only because it is an appropriate value for the bucks you spent, but also because this tool has got everything that you need. This all-inclusive tool keeps on improving over time and is a sure-shot winner in the long term.


One of the most affordable yet powerful SEO software – SE Ranking is a power-pack that can push your SEO efforts up the success ladder. It is a tool that helps you draw an optimized SEO plan for better business leads every step of the way.

When we talk about how good SE Ranking is, we are not talking about just one of its features. It is the entire package that lives up to the hype. Let’s have a deeper look at what SE Ranking is and why it is gaining so much popularity these days.

What is SE Ranking?

We will be talking more about the productivity of this tool. For people who are here to get through the basics, SE Ranking is a full-suite SEO tool that can keep you on top of the search engine results. SE Ranking can help you manage your campaigns, review the competition, and suggest best practices all the while keeping your website in check.

Since 2013, SE Ranking has garnered commending approval from agencies and SEO professionals alike. Accurate keyword tracking, competitor analysis, marketing planning features, on-page SEO audits, website audits, and backlink monitoring are some of the tools that make this suite worth your while.

The Features

SE Ranking is going tough on its competition with the all-inclusive tool suite. With the three package options, including Optimum, Plus, and Enterprise, the software has made it easy to choose the functionality level based on the business requirements. With the packages available, you can go from a minimum of ten websites to a total of infinity.

The best part about this SEO software is that it comes with an easy-to-understand user interface. The interface makes it easy to toggle between projects, and you can investigate each function independently without being a pro at it. The tool keeps you updated with its weekly ranking reports, and if you want more data from this SEO Software, you can always dive back in.

Rank Tracker: Accurate & Effective

The right keywords make all the difference, and you can witness the traffic soaring in Google SERP. This tool can help you to know the ranks of your websites and keep an eye on your competitors’ positions.

The Keyword Rank Tracker has got access to major search engines, including Yahoo, Google, Bing, Yandex, and YouTube. The ranking data is available as per device, and you will be able to get some insight into how well your keywords are doing on mobile as well as desktop platforms.

You can add your competitor’s websites too to monitor their keyword strategies in real-time. This tool helps you evaluate your competition by providing you a list of contenders in your specific domain. You can also add your top five competitors from the list and check their ranking positions against the target keywords. This will help you improvise on your existing keyword strategy by comparing it to theirs.

You can view the tracking combinations and their rankings as per the period or the range. You can easily navigate or drill down the available as per the average position.

Website Audit: Know your website better!

One of the reasons that SEO tools are in demand is because they let you monitor the website performance without professional help. You need to optimize the website for good traffic and a better experience. SE Ranking helps you do just that.

You can add your website to the project and start crawling. This software allows you to visual estimate and queues the position of your website pages. You can configure a maximum number of pages, scanning depth to accelerate the crawling.

Each website audit tabulates various data sections, with each section informing you about various aspects of your website. The reports section provides a detailed description of the Site server and its expiration date. The Moz DA information is available right here with the number of backlinks to your website.

You can view your website’s health, Content health, Image and link analysis, Optimization tips, usability, and more. Health check features technical information, including the XML sitemap, Frames, Flash, Site mirror duplicated pages, robots.txt, and redirects. The page analysis includes information about the URL length, page size, on-page errors, robot.txt blocked pages, no-index meta tag pages. Meta-analysis can summarize the information about page titles and their descriptions.

Each audit can help you know the technical stuff that hampers the website’s productivity and are difficult to point out. For example, JavaScript usage errors, 404 errors, branded favicons, and website security errors.

The Crawled pages section provides information about the site pages and external links. You will have the information regarding various parameters, including nofollow tag, server response, crawl depth, Alt size, and more.

Each time you audit your website for errors, the data will be stored in the suite automatically. The next time you perform an audit for your website, you will be able to compare the crawl reports to look for any improvements made. You can find out if you were able to make something work or it just got worse.

SE Ranking allows you to put pages on to surveillance. You will get a notification each time an alteration happens, and you can change the monitoring frequency as you deem fit.

Backlink Checker and Backlink Monitoring tools

Backlinks are more like ‘votes of confidence’ from one website to another. Each backlink is a signal to the search engines that others are vouching for the content you provide. SE Ranking can help you analyze the backlinks utilized by your competitor so that you can improvise on your own.

The information about the backlinks that you access with SE Ranking makes it easy to create better online relationships with other websites. SE Ranking can help you sort backlinks based on the website authority, and you can filter out the backlinks which score low.

Backlink Checker allows the user to extract a list of backlinks from a particular domain – be it yours or your competitor’s. You can have access to many parameters, including the backlink URL, Status, Number of external links, Google Index, Moz Domain Authority, Majestic trust flow, Social popularity, and more.

With the help of ‘Backlink explorer,’ you can also review your competitor’s website for their backlink strategies. Just one website address, and you will have access to all the backlinks they have been using.

You can see all the pages linking to their website along with the anchor text and Domain trust. You can acquire better backlink backup with the domain trust score, which is made available on the SE Ranking dashboard.

It is easy to track new backlinks and keep an eye on the lost ones. SE Ranking makes it easy for you to check how your backlinks are impacting on your search ranking.

Backlink Monitoring Tool puts you in total control of your off-site optimization factors. This tool helps the user to import backlinks manually or via CSV file. You can also import the backlinks automatically by using the tool or by connecting to the Google Search console.

The backlink monitoring tool allows the user to filter out backlinks by using filters like the Noindex or Nofollow. You can just mark any link, for Google to disregard without manually copy-pasting each link. This tool also helps the user to estimate the total worth of their backlink network. Each backlink is assigned a certain value, and the sum helps to determine the estimated cost of the link-building campaign.

SEO/PPC Research Tool: Understanding the competitor game

It is no secret that the pace of competition is ever increasing. Back in time, it was almost impossible to peek into the marketing strategies of your competitor. SEO tools made that easy. SE Ranking makes identifying and analyzing the competition a cakewalk.

The SEO/PPC competitor research is going to keep you not one, but several steps ahead. You can discover URLs or domains and their ranked keywords ads in the organic and paid searches. The Data is made available for segmented periods to the user.

You can find your organic and paid competitors here. Using this tool puts you up for tremendous benefits. You can have access to a list of all the historical advertisers for a particular search query, including the engagement results. You can see what worked for your competitor, and all you have to do is carry it forward from there. There is little to no risk, and that is key to sure campaign success.

Now that you have got all the info about the websites functional in your niche, you can outsmart the competition easily.

Verdict: Worthy choice for an SEO professional

In its entirety, this SEO tool is everything that you need to keep your website visible. Expert marketers have been rejoicing SE Ranking, and there is no reason that it is going to be any different for you.

SE Ranking is all of it. You won’t be needing additional backup tools when you have got this one. The clear UI without any clutter makes this a must-have, any day. The sense of ease and the reliability of data adds up to the value. All in all, this SEO tool is worth every penny.