Best SMS and Messaging apps for Android for Texting

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Text messaging, aka SMS (Short Message Service), has become the popular communication phase over the cellular network, ever since the cell phone evolved into practicality. Even though the Instant Messaging apps like WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger dominates the messaging platform, SMS still has its value among the users. In this guide, we will share some of the best SMS and Messaging apps for Android.

As it does not require the internet and way cheaper these days, SMS regains its popularity. So, managing SMS on a smartphone is very crucial to a typical user. Anyways, the stock SMS Apps coming with smartphones might not seem like a much better option for advanced handling.

Best SMS and Messaging apps for Android for Texting

  1. Android Messages
  2. Textra SMS
  3. Pulse SMS
  4. QKSMS – Open Source SMS

There are several third-party SMS/Text Messaging apps that provide excellent features with the minimal user interface and easy interaction with the users. As there are a ton of apps available, we only picked a few best from the lot and enlisted them with the feature specifications.

Android Messages

Best SMS and Messaging apps for Android

Android Messages is a multipurpose messaging app by Google, design inspired by Allo, the company’s IM app. Unlike most other SMS Apps, this can handle normal text SMS, MMS, and even Chat over Cellular/WiFi network; like a typical Instant Messaging App.

It comes with a minimal User Interface, having interactive chat sessions. While using the RCS (Chat), you can even use GIFs, Emojis, Stickers, etc. You can also change the color palettes, send and receive money using Google Wallet. The app is also compatible with Android Wear OS.

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Textra SMS

Textra sms app

Textra is just another excellent looking SMS app for Android platform. The app is available for free. Also, the developers offer a badass amount of customization features. Staying on Google’s Material Design UI, the app features over 180 themes, different types of chat bubbles, unlimited color choice. You can set the dark or light theme and will change automatically depending on day/night. It also lets you set the emoji style (iOS, Android, Windows, etc.) and desired color for the notification LED light.

The features include MMS groups, pause messaging, partial copying of texts, etc. The Textra documentation cites the compatibility with Android Auto, Pushbullet, Mightytext and Android Wear.

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Pulse SMS

Pulse sms app

The Pulse SMS app revamped the concept of standard SMS app from head to toe. Unlike other apps mentioned above, the SMS or Text messages are available not only in the recipient smartphone but also can be visible on the devices connected including Tablet and Web. So with the Pulse SMS, next time you need to access your SMS, you can go through it right from your PC or laptop. Despite the free version, you need to purchase the app for specific periods to get cross-platform accessibility.

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QKSMS – Open Source SMS


QKSMS is an Open Source SMS app project for Android. The app comes with a simple user interface, reminding of Telegram app. The SMS handling app does not come with much Features fleshed on the top layer, but the perfect one for the minimalist in you. Without much complexity in UX, you can manage all your text messages and scanned them with right color patterns as well as minimal chat bubble.

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These are some of the best SMS apps for Android which you can use daily with some great experience.

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