Best Social Media Platforms for Dentists in 2021

There are a few sectors as financially lucrative as the dental industry. In fact, by 2021, it’s estimated to be worth a little over $36 billion. And if a practice hopes to get a sizable piece of the pie, it’s imperative to secure the services of a reputable Dentist Social Media Agency to establish an online presence and generate enough positive exposure to secure the intended audience.

For years, the marketing efforts of many dentists have depended solely on word-of-mouth advertising and reputation. While these traditional strategies can still work, it’s often not enough in the digital age of today’s technology-driven world. And there’s a risk of being left behind by the competition if the marketing efforts are limited to these methods and fail to secure a capable social media agency. And to help dentists step up their social media marketing game, we’ll discuss all the essentials, from its importance and benefits to the best platforms to use such as SEO Toronto.

Why does a dentist’s social media agency matter?

Compared to other professions and industries, dentists are in a unique position so that they don’t necessarily need to convince anyone that their services are important. Everyone needs to visit a dentist, after all. Instead, they need to show people that they’re the ideal option. And there’s no better way to do so than with the assistance of a professional firm through social media since there’s a good chance that the customers they need to reach are on the platform. A dental practice can reel in more prospective clients by displaying their expertise and quelling fears and anxieties.

Advantages of social media to the dental industry

As the world continues to become more digitally focused, the stronger social media becomes as a marketing tool. No longer is the platform relegated to sharing pictures and meeting new friends. Nowadays, they’re a viable means for businesses to discover and reach out to consumers and build brand recognition, and dental businesses are no exception.

  • Attract potential clients. No one can deny the vast majority takes healthcare seriously. And more often than not, many people turn to the World Wide Web for assistance. And by having an active social media presence, dental businesses will have a much better chance of attracting clients than they would have otherwise.
  • Establish better relationships. Marketing a dental business isn’t unlike pulling teeth. It’s such an anxiety-inducing experience for many that a lot of them do their best to avoid appointments altogether. However, with the help of a social media agency, dentists can build rapport and put their worries to rest with reassurance. And get more business as a result.
  • Showcase expertise. Apart from reeling in new clients and keeping existing ones engaged, social media allows dental businesses to spread information relevant to their practice. And in doing so, it allows them to stand out amongst their competitors.

Ideal social media platforms 

Now that the importance and benefits of social media have been covered, the next step is to find the best platforms that can effectively market the dental business. And it begins by choosing the correct channels that can elevate their exposure since some networks tend to work a little better than others.

  1. Facebook. It’s not hard to see the appeal of Facebook to businesses. With billions of active users each day, it’s a platform that boasts an endless well of marketing potential. Apart from sharing media like images and videos, it also presents an opportunity to build a brand effectively through the use of contests and promotions, question and answers sessions, and linking to content such as blogs relevant to the business.
  2. YouTube. These days, it’s easier to keep people engaged through the video medium than with text and images alone. And since the dental industry relies primarily on visual results, there’s no better streaming platform to utilize than YouTube. From tours of the office and demonstrations to client testimonials, the effective use of this channel can lead to a positive outcome.
  3. Twitter. Twitter is a popular platform that a dental business can take advantage of to improve its presence over the internet. The key difference lies in the fact that posts tend to be a little more compact than other channels. And by using hashtags for the ads, drawing attention to the business becomes a breeze.

There’s no such thing as a single solution to achieve marketing success, even with the use of the social media platform. However, by hiring a Dentist Social Media Agency and understanding how to keep the audience engaged through the various social channels, a dental practice can build a brand that is as recognizable as it is credible.

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