Best Subscription Tracker Apps on Android and iOS

Best Subscription Tracker Apps on Android and iOS

Subscribed to tons of online services and it’s getting tough to manage them? Or additional subscriptions are quietly draining your bank account? Well, we are here is our list of best subscription tracker apps on Android and iOS.

Best Subscription Tracker Apps on Android and iOS

Best Subscription Tracker Apps on Android and iOS

These are a few handy apps that help you track subscriptions right on your smartphone.

  1. Truebill (Android/iOS)
  2. Bobby ( Android/ iOS)
  3. SubscriptME (iOS only)
  4. Subscriptions by Simolation (Android Only)
  5. Subby (Android only)

Gone are the days when you used to subscribe to newspapers and magazines. In the evolving digital era, people now tend to sign up for subscriptions for all sorts of digital and physical gains. It includes video or music streaming services, cloud storage, food services, as well as paid membership programs.

Talking of myself, I’ve subscribed to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, ErosNow, Gaana and Zomato Gold membership amongst others. And it gets quite tough managing all subscriptions at once. However, there are certain apps in the market which bring all things to a single table, aiding for easy and quick management. Following the same, below is the list of apps that help you track subscriptions.

1] Truebill (Android/ iOS)

Apps that help you track subscriptions

Truebill is the most popular app when it comes to the list of best subscription tracking apps for mobile. Or we should say, it’s not just a subscription tracker but a budget planner as well as a bill reminder app.

After installing, you need to link your bank account and or credit cards for the app to work. Once done, the app will automatically fill in your expenditures and sort them into three different categories comprising of Subscriptions, Bills & Utilities and Other Recurring Payments. You can manually change the category if a recurring bill falls under the wrong one. However, we were disappointed by the fact that you can’t add subscriptions manually if the app fails to detect some.

Nonetheless, you can track your spendings from the custom dashboard and manage your budget. Truebill also helps to negotiate your bills and receive better rates. Additionally, the app offers a full-fledged option to cancel subscriptions with necessary contact details. Note that it uses the Plaid API, meaning your banking or credit card credentials are never stored. The app is trusted across the globe and has been featured on NBC, CNN, Fortune, and other popular publications.

Download Truebill for Android | Download Truebill for iOS

2] Bobby (Android/ iOS)

Bobby Track subscription on iOS

Similar to SubscriptMe, Bobby will let you track your subscriptions without having to attach your bank and credit card details. Thankfully, it’s available for both Android as well as iOS. To start with, you need to select services you are subscribed to from the menu which offers a long list. If the app is not present in the list, you can create enter custom values. After that, you can select your currency, due dates and billing cycle, and specify a description.

Furthermore, you can set custom reminders for how many days prior the subscription expiry you want to get reminded. The app is free to use for up to 4 subscriptions after which you will have to pay $0.99 via in-app purchase to upgrade your plan. Moreover, you can sync your data via iCloud, and secure the apps with passcodes or Touch ID. If you want a promising alternative to SubscriptME, you can surely opt for Bobby subscription manager.

Download Bobby for iOS | Download Bobby for Android

Note: Bobby seems to be the best subscription manager app for iOS.

3] SubscriptME (iOS only)

SubscriptMe iOS subscription tracker app

SubscriptME is indeed one of the best apps for tracking subscriptions on iOS. Notably, SubscriptMe scans your email for transaction receipts instead of scanning your bank accounts and credit cards for recurring transactions. It makes it less intrusive for those worried about privacy.

The app quickly gathers services into a personal subscription list so you can see what you pay for in one view. Furthermore, you can set reminders for all upcoming service bills and hence prevent any unwanted charges in the future. The app offers a feature of setting custom reminders and also lets you discover new services popular amongst the community.

However, it doesn’t seem nearly as accurate as those with access to your bank and hence misses out on records sometimes. Nonetheless, you can still add subscriptions manually or from a list of popular services if they’re not added automatically- a feature that’s not present on Truebill or Trim. You can even edit the amounts of each automatically added subscription which adds further to the user convenience.

Download SubscriptMe for iOS

4] Subscriptions by Simolation (Android Only)

Apps that help you track subscriptions

Subscriptions by Simolation is a very simple, straightforward and highly intuitive app to manage subscriptions. Just open the app, set it up and you’ll be able to see all your subscriptions right on the home screen. Mainly, you need to create either regular or one-time subscriptions manually followed by the billing period to see the next payment date. Moreover, you can add essential data for each subscription including description, the start of payment, payment method, and notes.

The app supports 33 different currencies with their current exchange rate. Lastly, it has got an optional dark theme and also supports backup and restore. If you are someone who believes in doing things manually and doesn’t want to connect your bank account, Subscriptions app is the way to go.

Download Subscriptions for Android

Note: When it comes to Android, this app tops the chart of the best subscription tracker apps for Android.

5] Subby (Android Only)

Subby subscription tracker

Subby is yet another subscription tracking app which doesn’t require any personal information from the user. It gets a minimal user interface with a very simplistic approach. You can add types of payment, create categories, as well as set reminders.

Once you reach the expiry date or reminder period, the app will notify you of the impending charge. You can pay for the subscription and mark it for the next date. That said, it has around 400 subscription icons to choose from followed by the availability of over 160 currencies.

Although the app is free for most of the part, the Pro version worth $2.99 will remove ads for you. Moreover, the Pro version also offers access to the Subby widget for quick operation and data backup to Google Drive.

Download Subby for Android

So these were Best Subscription Tracker Apps for your smartphone. Give them a try and let us know which one worked the best for you. Also, feel free to reach us via comments in case of any queries.

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