Best Video Editor Apps for iPhone

Best Video Editors for iPhone

Love creating videos? Have an iPhone? In this post, we have compiled a list of best video editor Apps for iPhone you should try now! Modern smartphones are equipped with powerful cameras capable of recording videos in HD (High Definition). However, they lack useful editing features that can enable its users to publish their stories on a platform of their choice, quickly.

Below, you can find the list of few video editing apps for iPhone that are capable of handling both tasks i.e., shooting videos, and editing them.

Best Apps to edit Videos on iPhone

Best Video Editors for iPhone You Should Try Now!

1] iMovie

iMovie is Apple’s own offering. It can handle video editing on the iPhone with ease. The app comes pre-installed on newer generations of iPhones and you can also download it from the App Store. It has many tools that you can use to make some lovely videos directly on your iPhone.

For example, iMovie’s Trailer feature is very cool. It supports Hollywood-style trailers where you can choose from 14 trailer templates with stunning graphics and original scores by some of the world’s top film composers. Also, you can connect a keyboard and use simple shortcuts to edit movies quickly.

2] Magisto Video Editor & Maker

You can add artistic flair to your edited videos with this popular iOS app. The makers of the app claim Magisto is a Video Maker and Smart Video Editor for iPhone. It creates outstanding videos in minutes perfect for sharing on social media.

All the app user needs to do is need is choose two or more videos, a song for its soundtrack, confirm the selections… and wait a few minutes for the app to work its magic (the process may take a bit longer if you have multiple files selected)

Once it’s done, you can check and see how the app has used the best parts of your videos and has edited them using your soundtrack and the necessary transitions. How does it do this? Well, the application uses a sort of artificial intelligence that analyzes the videos and chooses the most interesting fragments. Get the app.

Magisto Video Editor & Maker

3] Clips

This simple app is designed for those who have little video-editing experience. However, it promises a blissful experience with fast Facebook and Instagram-ready videos. Its captioning tools are fantastic and include few text overlays and emoji. Upon starting the app in the Selfie mode you will fumble your way through Live Titles, the feature that’s distinctive to Apple Clips. It offers the same kind of craze as Snapchat/Instagram Stories but with less anxiety. Try this real-time video capture tool once!

4] Adobe Premiere Clip

This app is free for personal use and is supported on multiple platforms.

It is very quick for “down & dirty” editing but the editing options available are limited. Nevertheless, the editing options include a control for setting the speed of playback, so you can add a slow-motion effect, and an option for duplicating the clip. Before you can use it, create your Adobe Creative Cloud account. This allows you to sync your projects across your devices and continue editing on phone or a PC in case you have Adobe Premiere Pro version installed.

5] PicPlayPost Movie Video Editor

PicPlayPost Movie Video Editor as the name suggests, allows you to create and edit your short video clips. You can create up to 10-minutes long videos with this app. After you create a slideshow or make a video collage you can personalize your video or photo slideshow with music.

If required, you can also add transitions, voice over video, and animated text to jazz up your video montage. Moreover, you can share your projects in HD as 1080 or 4k video. So, turn your photos and videos into lasting memories with this app. Download it from the iTunes Store, today!

PicPlayPost Movie Video Editor

6] Splice

This App comes with free music and sound effects. Besides, you can add text, make it any size, add a variety of colors, and pinch and place it wherever you want on the screen. Splice has more transition options as well. There are shortcuts you need to take to achieve certain effects while editing. So, it requires a bit of learning. Beginners will find it somewhat difficult to use the app initially. Nevertheless, if you would like to save 1080p videos without any annoying watermarks or self-promotion, check this app.

So, no matter which iPhone model you are using, you can capture some amazing videos and enhance them furthermore with these video editors on iPhone

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