Best Vivo V11 Pro hidden Tips and Tricks

Best Vivo V11 Pro hidden Tips and Tricks

Chinese tech giant Vivo recently launched their new smartphone in the Indian market. The all-new Vivo V11 Pro is here in the market with some pretty good upgrades from its predecessor Vivo V9 series. The smartphones combine with several incredibly innovative features and useful techniques. This guide talks about the list of Best Vivo V11 Pro hidden Tips and Tricks you should know.

Best Vivo V11 Pro hidden Tips and Tricks

Just after the launch, many of the Indian consumers bought this beautiful device because of its unique features and expansive display. The smartphone is now trending in the market with its high demand. However, there are so many secret features for you to check out. Let’s go..!

Change color Temperature

Vivo V11 Pro comes with an option to adjust your display temperature. You can effectively manage the color temperature of your smartphone with the built-in settings. Also, the device has an AMOLED panel. Therefore, as default, the colors of the screen are a little bit washed to comfort the eyes and one can easily read things.

Vivo v11 pro display temp

But this feature can be irritating for some users. You can change the color mode by going into the Setting –> Display and Brightness –> Color Temperature Adjustment –> Turn ON. 

Always On Display Customization

Since the device comes with an AMOLED panel, it supports the popular always on display feature. The company is even providing the options to customize the always on display.

Vivo V11 Pro hidden Tips and Tricks

You can customize the style and appearance of the always on display in the Vivo V11 Pro by going to Lock Screen –> Home Screen –> Wallpaper –> Always-on Display –> Customize. 

Jovi Assistant

All new Vivo phones now come with their specially created Jovi digital assistant. To use this, just swipe left from the home screen. Then it will show the Jovi feed page. Here you can add your shortcuts of the apps you use most often, check weather updates and more.

Jovi assistant

You can turn off the unwanted cards by scrolling down in the feed page and tapping on the Card ManagementHere you can individually manage the cards for your choice.

Camera effects and other useful mods

As you all know, Vivo always focuses on camera and music department of the smartphone. The all-new camera app for the Vivo smartphones is very popular because of its useful features. The app comes with several advanced level camera mods for your perfect portraits.

Camera mods

To enable the newly introduced lighting effects, just tap on the portrait button and swipe to sides. Then it will show up different lighting mods including monochrome background, studio lighting, stereo lighting etc.

Face beauty for video calls

This is a very good feature for those who want to impress others while video calling. While all new smartphone models come with beauty mods in their camera app, only a few models come with abilities to use the beautification mode for video calls as well.

V11 Pro Video call face beauty

In Vivo V11 Pro, you can turn on the face beauty for different apps which supports video calling. To do this, navigate to Settings –> More settings –> Face beauty for video calls. 

These are the best Vivo V11 Pro hidden Tips and Tricks. If you are also using this smartphone, do let us know your favorite tricks in the comments below.

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