Bird Bar: A new Android application to please Android phone lovers

Bird Bar

Everyday dozens of useful and unique applications are featured in the Android Market with an effort to delight ‘Phandroids. Though it is brimming up with applications it has a very bothering feature about games.

Games on Android phones occupy full screen and do not permit its users to check any notification until it is discontinued or paused.

Bird Bar– a new Android application resolves this difficulty by allowing its users to pull down the notification bar with simple swipe gestures from any edge of the screen, even in the full screen apps. So, no need to endure the pain of quitting the game in progress and pause your videos.


Bir Bar

Simply install the application (Birds Bar Notifications Tool) from the Android Market and launch it. Now, from the invisible mode select ‘Top Curve Preset’ and tap on ‘Start’. The tool will be activated after a semi-rectangular bar at the top edge of the screen is visible.

Bird Bar

A paid version could be soon accessible to afford a handful of new options and customizations (not available in the lite/free version) like,

  • LOCATION ENABLER– The edges of the screen that work best for you are only enabled. This reduces unnecessary and excess swipes.
  • VISIBILITY– If you do not remember the edges that are still enabled while disabling others then, this feature will resolve the difficulty. A thin bar will be displayed along the edges of the screen when the application is activated.
  • SENSITIVITY– This feature enhances or lowers the sensitivity depending on the level of difficulty to swipe on your device (sensitivity).
  • START ON BOOT– Enables the application when you restart your phone, so you don’t have to remember to enable it before you go into a game.


All settings will be applicable once you quit the settings screen.

Install Bird Bar

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