Check if your Android Phone is secure and if your antivirus software is working properly

Android Security Check or Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization is an international non-profit association that has developed tests to make sure that your Android Phone is safe. The website offers tools to check if your Android Smartphone is secure from viruses, drive-by-downloads, potentially unwanted applications (PUA), archived malware, and phishing and cloud attacks.

It is possible that your browser might mark the download link as harmful, but rest assured that these files are harmless. You can select you would like to visit the page to continue the test by the first click on More Information, and then confirm to continue. These files have been already marked as Virus or Malware by most of the known Anti-Virus solutions.

Android Security Check

Check if your Android Phone is secure

Most of the malware attack on Android comes through APK, i.e., an extension for apps that you install on your phone. If your phone doesn’t block or sends you a warning about downloading apps from an external source, this means either your phone is not configured correctly, or your Anti-virus solution is not working properly.

Download the AMTSO APK-Testfile.

If you have enabled Developer Mode then follow the steps as below to disable it.

  • Open Settings > Developer Options > Turn it off.
  • To only block downloading APK from an external source, toggle off the option which says ‘Force allow apps on external’. If different on your phone, disable the option which allows the downloading of apps from external sources.

Check Protection against a drive-by download

The drive-by download happens in two cases. When a file downloads in the background without user consent. And when a person has authorized but without understanding the consequences. In both cases, an APK or malware can infect your phone.

This page simulates drive-by download, and your antivirus should be able to catch it as well.

Check Protection Android PUP or PUA

A potentially unwanted application (PUA), also called as a potentially unwanted program (PUP),  is software that the end-user may perceive as unwanted.

When you visit this page and download AMTSO Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) APK-Testfile, it simulates the download of Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA). The security program should immediately block it. If not, you will have your instructions to fix it.

Check Protection for Android Phishing

Some websites try to appear as the official website of websites, especially related to Payments. When you visit this AMTSO Phishing page, and your browser or the system fails to check, then you may receive an error message which says

If you can read this page, it indicates either:

  • Your Anti-Malware solution is not (yet) supporting this Feature Settings Check
  • Your Anti-Malware solution’s Anti-Phishing feature is not enabled or misconfigured.

Companies like AhnLab, Avast, Avira, Bitdefender, CHOMAR, ESET, F-Secure, G Data, Intego, Kaspersky Labs, McAfee, Microsoft, Panda Security, Sophos. Symantec and Trend Micro support AMTSO checks.

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