5 Useful Chrome Extensions for Google Calendar

ToCal Chrome Extension

Google Calendar is a product from the Google which helps in creating the events and tasks for the daily routine. There are a lot things you can do using the Google Calendar, if you are an expert in using it. As I am a student cum blogger and I need some reminders to remind the tasks to do as a student and blogger which makes my day alive.

Usually I use Android apps to sync events with my Android Smartphone which I have created on my PC so that I can get notifications as I go. Here are some Chrome extensions for Google Calendar which helps you create events, get notifications and many more from the Chrome browser.


ToCal extension helps you create an event with a right click. If you are sincerely working on the some other site and you saw the name of the event which you need to create with Google Calendar then you can create your event to Google Calendar just by selecting the event name and right click, select iCal in the right click menu and then add the additional information regarding the event.

ToCal Chrome Extension


Google Calendar

Google calendar extension is from the Google which brings the Calendar to the chrome browser by installing the icon on the address bar. With this extension you can create the events where ever you are on the browser and also this shows the upcoming notifications of the events in the browser.

Google Calendar Chrome Extension


Add Facebook Events to Google Calendar

I receive many events on the Facebook from my friends, while some events are useful and some are useless. As Google Calendar is my primary one to create and follow the events, I want my useful Facebook events to export to Google Calendar then I found this extension very useful which exports events with ease. After installation of this extension open the event on the Facebook which you need to export, at the top there is a ‘Add to Calendar’ link to add the event to Google Calendar.

Add Facebook Events to Google Calendar


Post events automatically to Evernote

With this extension you can post events automatically to Evernote. After installation there is option to post the event to Evernote while creating the event just check ‘Post to Evernote’ which automatically posts the selected events to Evernote. Before adding the events to Evernote you need to login to the Evernote first.

Checker Plus for Google Calendar

Checker plus for Google Calendar is a lite extension which brings the notifications of the reminders to the desktop. After installation the icon of this extension is displayed on the browsers address bar. In the options dialogue box you can configure the extension according to your needs.

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