5 Classic & Popular Games for Google Chrome Browser

Pacman Chrome Browser

Its time to take a cool breath by coming out of your work and become more productive if you have greater work pressure on your shoulders.  Fun, Games and Entertainment are necessary to come out of pressure and refresh your mind. Google Chrome browser have a big collection of extensions and application of different categories in the Chrome’s web store. Games categories have a lot collection of games and its the user who need to make choice to select the right games. Here I’m listing out the best games for Google Chrome, which you might have played them during your olden days through video game players.


PacMan Original

Pac Man is classical and most popular game which completed its 30th anniversary recently. This chrome app after installation you can play it in the offline mode.


Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros designed by a Japanese video game designer which is sold more than 210 million units. This game is now available in chrome with the installation of chrome browser application.



Snake game is the most popular game on the handset video games which can now bought to Chrome browser though an extension. Just install the extension and you can play this game where ever you are on the browser though the snake game icon which is installed besides the address bar.


Word Search Puzzle

This is the most popular game which you can find in the News paper column for Children’s and Magazines. The are rows of letters which you need to find specified word and highlight the letters which forms the word. This game is available as a browser application for Chrome with Beginner and Advanced level.


Draw MyThing

This is a multi-player game where you are given a word and you need to draw it on the white sheet then the other players who are online playing this game along with you need to guess the word through your drawings.

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