How to connect Android phone to a Projector

connect Android phone to Projector

A projector is a high technology product in which it maximizes your visual entertainment experience and media consuming style. Earlier, it was drastically used in organizations to conduct official meetings and presentations. However, things have changed, and people started using projectors at home for watching movies on the big screen. This article helps you connect Android phone to Projector wirelessly.

How to connect Android phone to Projector

It has become a boring action to carry your laptop everywhere to conduct presentations and other purposes. People are moving more towards the easy of carrying and opt for a smartphone device instead. Imagine taking your heavy laptop to a trekking location or a tourist spot to watch movies in 2019. The technology has changed, so you have to. Smartphones in this era can do anything you want in simple steps. You can easily connect your Android device to a projector with some simple tricks. You have two main methods to connect your phone to a projector.

  • Wireless Method
    • Use Projector with streaming support
    • Chromecast and other Mirroring devices
  • Wired Method
    • HDMI Cables
    • MHL Cables

If your projector is a modern one and comes with the streaming hardware, you can easily connect it to the phone wirelessly. However, you can purchase a mirroring device like Chromecast to do this. If it is not your cup of tea, you can try the wired connection method.

Connect your Android smartphone wirelessly to a projector

Some of the latest projectors come with built-in mirroring support. It will let you stream the contents from your mobile phone to the projector.

Use Projector with streaming support

projector with built in streaming

If the projector supports, search for a companion app in the Google Play store. Most of the brands, including Samsung, LG, and others now come with built-in hardware to support screening from wireless devices like smartphone, laptops, etc. You can also try some Android phone projector app for extra functionality

Chromecast and other Mirroring devices

connect Android phone to a Projector

Purchasing mirroring equipment is the next option if you don’t have the built-in mirroring hardware in your projector. A Chromecast device lets you stream your phone screen to the projector. Similar to how you plug it to your TV, you can plug it into your projector. Assuming it can power up itself from the projector HDMI port, you will be able to stream in no time.

Connect your Android smartphone to your projector via a wire. 

Wireless connection is modern technology, and it is still not available for all projectors and devices. There are many limitations for using Wireless streamings services, depending upon the devices you have. However, you can always use the classic method to connect your Android smartphone with your projector for big screen entertainment.

HDMI Cables 

HDMI ports are one of the most fundamental connectivity options in a projector at this time. Your projector will have an HDMI port for connecting it with the help of an HDMI cable. Some older smartphones had dedicated micro-HDMI ports for connecting them to the projector or TV using a micro-HDMI to HDMI cable. However, none of the newer smartphones come with this port.

USB to HDMI converter

But don’t worry, USB-C type ports are capable of using Type-C to HDMI cable. But some phone manufacturers do not include this support for their USB-C powered smartphones. Anyways, if you have a smartphone with USB-C type port and it supports HDMI conversion, you can use a cable to that.

MHL Cables

MHL is a new standard, which stands for Mobile High-definition Link. Some manufacturers now include this feature in their newer smartphone models. It unleashes the power of the regular micro-USB ports. It allows video signals to be transmitted with a special adapter.


If your phone supports, you can purchase an MHL to HDMI adapter for establishing the connection to your projector.

So that’s all about connecting your Android smartphone to a projector. You can use the above methods to connect your phone to a smart TV as well. Try the techniques and let us know your questions.

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