Control Launchpad with Launchpad Cleaner

With over 200 new features including Airdrop, Mission Control and Multi-Touch gestures Apple’s recently brought-in application launcher- Launchpad promises to take OS X Lion 10.7 a step further.

Launchpad is an easy way to view and use the applications that are adequately spaced and neatly organized in your dock. Any new application that you buy from App Store drops itself automatically in Launchpad. It lets you access installed application from a distraction free environment and also allows you to group similar applications into folders.

To tweak the Launchpad application listings, you can use a tool, like, Launchpad – Control. However, it provides no more than a list of all installed applications that you frequently use and hide others from Launchpad (without deleting or uninstalling them). Therefore developing an application that could properly utilize Launcpad potential and have some more control over it becomes the priority.

Launchpad Cleaner is one such application that assures to do so. It controls Launchpad effectively and keeps it organized. It lets you remove/rename/backup/restore all your Launchpad icons.

you can even transfer your Launchpad layout to another Mac. In short, Launchpad Cleaner behaves as the missing launchpad manager for OS X Lion.

Some features of Launchpad Cleaner

  • Deletes any App icons or Containers
  • Edits App Label
  • Edits Container Label
  • Creates new Container
  • Supports a Backup and Restores Launchpad layout
  • Restores Default OS X Lion Launchpad
  • Selects or deselects all Apps and Container
  • Transfers Launchpad layout to another Mac

 The newer version of Launchpad Cleaner (2.6) is soon expected.

New features likely to be added in Launchpad Cleaner

  • Drag ‘n Drop Reordering
  • “New Page” Button
  • Delete Page Button
  • Alphabetic Ordering
  • New improved layout
  • Performance Enhancements
  • New Logo Design by Josh Taylor

Launchpad Cleaner is a nice little free app that empties the Launchpad without removing other applications and allows you to add your own apps into the LaunchPad. A very handy utility to perform a set of operations that Apple  overlooked.

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