Cool and Quirky Gifts For Hard-To-Please Friends and Family

We all know that one person who’s impossible to shop for. As Christmas rears its tinsel-covered head, we start to remember these people. What on earth are you going to buy them? Birthdays are a trial, Christmas is a headache, and you slowly start to wonder whether you can just give them some money in a card and be done with it. 

So, let’s take a look at a few things you can buy someone who’s kind of already got it all. 

What To Buy A Person Who’s Got It All 

Before you decide on anything, be sure to set a budget. Your loved one won’t want you diving into debt over a gift, whether it’s something they really want or not. 

  • Buy an experience 

If money isn’t an option, you can buy once-in-a-lifetime experiences for friends and family. Sports matches, vacations, theatre shows, swimming with dolphins, whatever you can think of. If you know your loved one’s interests and what they’d like to do, you can literally buy them memories. Getting things as a gift is nice, but memories can last a lifetime. That fancy candle probably won’t. 

  • Tech

Once again, if you’re looking to splash out, you can buy tech for a hard-to-please loved one. An upgraded phone, tablet, laptop, or something similar is an expensive gift but definitely a memorable one. However, definitely do your research. If you buy an android phone and your loved one is an iPhone fan, you may have just wasted your money. 

Getting things like AirPods (or other wireless earphones), headphones, iPods, and other similar items can be a great way to treat your loved ones to something they’ve wanted for a while. 

  • Wild and Wacky 

We don’t all have money to spend on swimming with dolphins or the latest iPhones. However, if you’re looking for something a bit different, funny, wacky, or quirky gifts can be a real hit. It’s surprisingly easy to buy quirky, unique gifts with a low budget such as a golf ball whiskey glass or a cool whiskey decanter, and even if it’s not something expensive, it’s still a cute and funny way to tell your loved one that you care. Especially if your loved one is a nerd, wild and wacky is definitely the way to go.

  • Special events gifts

Buying niche or special events gifts doesn’t work for everyone, but they can sometimes be a fantastic idea. For example, suppose your loved one is Irish or a big fan of St Patrick’s day. St Patrick’s day shirt designs make for a cute, funny, and memorable gift. And, unlike a lot of clothing gifts, t-shirts are comfortable and usually the right fit. 

The Last Resort

If you absolutely can’t think of what your loved one would like and don’t want to waste your money on a gift that won’t be appreciated, don’t be afraid to ask your loved one if there’s anything they’d particularly like. Failing that, simply putting some money in a card is always a surefire way to success!