How to create and set up a new Reddit profile with Name, Bio, Avatar

How to create and set up a new Reddit profile with name, bio, avatar

One of the most active, popular web discussion, social news aggregation platforms Reddit is quite different from most other social media platforms. The website has certain norms in creating and editing profiles. Once you create a profile, it would not allow you to add or edit bio, custom name/username, or even avatars. Even though, you might have seen many subreddits having all those custom avatars and all, which you failed to find in the profile section. In this article, we guide you through the complete steps that will help you get some of the hidden features of Reddit while creating or editing a new profile. Learn how to create and set up a new Reddit profile with name, bio, avatar

Set up & get a new Reddit profile

The user profiles which just the Reddit community introduced is in Beta testing, as of now. So, not everyone could get the feature right at the moment. According to the parent organization of Reddit, the existing users of the social platform will soon receive the update. It is not currently rolling out to every user out there, as it might not be possible to roll back to the current stage if users find them unnecessary.

Anyhow, many new Redditers/Subreddits that created recently reported to have received the same while creation. Maybe it will hit more users, both existing and newly creating ones. However, there is also another way that you can get the Beta features, which let you add custom names, bio, an avatar for your profile. Go through the entire steps below.

Set up & get a new Reddit profile

  1. Open your browser in PC and go to the Reddit Beta testing page (
  2. The page is all about beta profile pages. You can create a new profile view more cleanly. It allows you to make posts directly to your profile, and let your followers know about your interests. There is also an NSFW filter so that the profile would be clean in public. At the bottom, you can find the license agreement which you have to check “I agree.”
  3. Click on the “Get me the new profile.” Remember, if you are using an existing Reddit account, it is an irreversible process. So, when your profile is turned to the new beta version, it will remain the same.
  4. Fill in the details on the next popping up a dialog box. You can either sign up for a new account or sign in to an old account. Either way, you are getting the new beta feature.

How to create and set up a new Reddit profile without entering beta

It also seems that many others have received the same features without entering the beta program. So, if you want to check if your profile got these features, try the steps as described below.

Reddit Edit Profile Section

  1. Go to Reddit and log in with an existing account of yours.
  2. Click on the username at the top right portion and click on “My Profile.”
  3. You can see your profile and other details there. Click on “customize profile” to see your Reddit profile editing section.
  4. If you find the features Displayed name, About, Avatar and Header, Profile category, you can confirm that the profile has the new features. Congrats! Start customizing your profile.

You can go through the first steps if you have no such feature by default. Keep Redditing, and enjoy the new profile customization.

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