How to Create Mobile Apps in Minutes using the AppBuilder?

Mobile Application Development is a cool and exciting job. It requires great degree of skill, determination, handwork and passion. But what if you can do the same by simply visiting a website. Yes! you can build a native iOS, Android or a Windows Phone app, install and run it on any phone. All you need to do is access the AppBuilder. The application was launched earlier at Mobile World Congress.

It features a simple HTML5-based user interface that lets you create an app by choosing and populating some widgets — like RSS feed, webpage, Twitter, Facebook, news, photo gallery, Web page, List etc. There are checkboxes, which allow you to select them.

Then the application allows you to customize your application. Just add all the essential details to the fields you selected and click next. Don’t forget to be creative and tweak to your heart’s content! The Application is all yours!

There aren’t much customization options available, just few essentials for an application. Good for users who are new to the field and want to develop a really casual application, but we don’t recommend the site to any self respecting professional out there, because with no coding involved, you can’t tweak anything. The service is good if you just want to flaunt your application building skills to your girl!

After you’re done with the application, you will receive a mail from the application drafted for you to use! There’s also option to publish it on the App Store or Android Market (Or Google Play store) for a monthly fee of $29 (About Rs 1400).

All in one, TheAppBuilder can be handy at times when you need an ‘About Me’ application or something of that sort. Not for serious developers!

What we Like: 

  • Really fast and simple
  • App running under 10 minutes
  • Application is no nonsense, sans any ads

What we Don’t:

  • No customization options
  • No coding, leading to monotonous apps



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