Crypto Becoming More Mobile Than Ever

It is not a surprise for people all over the world that the 21st century has made the biggest changes or challenges in our lives. This is very much caused by technological innovations and they have more impacts on our lives than ever before and some of them we even take for granted as we do not even imagine life without them. One of them is the mobile phone and a day spent without it might cause several discomforts mobile phones were initially used for making calls, then additionally take pictures but now, it is even impossible to name the exact number of services the mobile phones can provide for us. If we need to see the updates on social media, we use the mobile phone, if we want to upload a picture or a story on Instagram, read news on CNN or BBC, and even make payments for grocery shopping or online shipping, we all can use our mobile phones.

However, there are a lot of other industries that were affected by mobile phones, especially the financial sector which is trying to digitize the most (if not all) of their services and give people easy access to the service they want or need.

On the other hand, one of the most controversial industries in the crypto-industry, and there are a lot of controversies about it. People do not exactly know how they can use it but there are a lot of people who are very steadily involved in the industry and make a lot of profits through trading or investing. Even though those processes are believed to be very difficult and demand very strong hardware and software, plus several monitors spread over the tables, it is true, but the mobile phones managed to have affected them in some ways. We can use our mobile phones for crypto-related services in many different ways.

Mobile phones for Trading

As we have mentioned above, the trading process is associated with a lot of computers, software, charts, etc which at a glance, might seem to be impossible to do while using your mobile phones. Mobile trading is called when we use wireless technology in securities trading. Mobile trading gives the investors the opportunity to access trading platforms from their telephones rather than being limited in your option, from where you can complete the trading process and use only traditional trading methods via computer. Such technology allows easier access for smartphone users to actively manage their portfolios even when they are away from a desktop or laptop. Mobile trading involves being able to enter accounts and receive orders from your own mobile devices. Moreover, trading brokers have created their own apps for the platform and once you download it, you are able to access your account by only writing your ID and password.

Cryptos in the Entertainment Field

The entertainment sector is very changing lately and has impacts from many other industries. When we say the entertainment field and changes and innovations in it, we should mention online gambling as the mobile phones and creation of many different gambling apps have made it more convenient and accessible for those who are interested to experience the process. The creation of bitcoin has affected this field as well, as it became possible to start  Bitcoin gaming online and this is a very convenient process for those who were involved in the traditional online casino games. It is because now that the countries have restrictions on online games, bitcoins gaming allows you to make transactions anonymously and your transactions cannot be tracked.

Mobile phones in Gaming

Some people might think that mobile phones and gaming do not have connections to the crypto-industry. However, it is not true. It is vivid that mobile phones are widely used for gaming and Android or iOS are giving people access to many games and millions of people are involved in it.

In today’s reality, there are a lot of gaming companies that offer people to start gaming with cryptocurrencies and they have based their games either on ethereum blockchain or bitcoin blockchain. It gives the players the opportunity to play the game with more convenient service, transactions are easy to make and what is more important, it gives the people the feeling of safety as it is anonymous and difficult to track.


Finally, to sum up, there are a lot of changes that were caused by mobile phones, and one of the most debated topics lately, cryptocurrencies are affected by it as well. People became able to use their mobile phones in every case where cryptocurrencies are involved. If you are involved in the trading, mobile phones are there for you to use in this case, or even if you want to enjoy bitcoin gambling or play the game, based on ethereum blockchain, etc.

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