Deeper 1.4 – An exclusive Tweaking Utility for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

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Deeper is a customization utility for Mac that enables or disables hidden functions of file managers such as Finder, Dock and applications like Spotlight, iTunes, etc. The utility is considered as a lighter version of Onyxthe maintenance and the optimization tool for Mac.

Deeper accumulates a collection of tweaks in 10 different categories, permitting users to reveal numerous Mac hidden features and toggle user interface elements of several applications with ease. The latest version of the utility has been specifically developed for Mac OS X Lion 10.7 and therefore may not be compatible with previous/earlier versions of Mac OS X (Snow Leopard and Tiger).

The general window which will be visible after the application has been downloaded and installed will allow its user to

  • On/off the window opening graphical effects
  • Select the mode of operation for Crash Reporter (Basic, Developer, and Server)
  • Set the default screenshot format
  • Alter the number of items in ‘Open Recent’ menu
  • Disable security warnings for applications downloaded from Internet
  • Replace inactive wallpaper with an animated wallpaper
  • Enable or disable Accent Picker from the keyboards
  • Install Preferences Pane

You will manually be able to manipulate Finder graphical effects like zooming and set horizontal and vertical spacing. Deeper also permits you choose which items you wish to display under the Finder menu.

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Though Deeper does not devote as many tweaks as the Docker does, it still includes several unique options listed below in the Screenshot. If the system Dock fails due to some event of misfortune, it is always possible to restore the default settings by clicking on the Restore Defaults tab.

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The Safari tab allows you customize navigation add printing options but make sure that the browser is not running in the background while applying tweaks.

The Mail window allows customization pertaining to different mail application message elements. For instance, you can enable data detectors and display attachments in messages. Besides this you can view e-mails in TEXT rather in HTML format.

In iTunes window, you can alter import settings such as Add Track Numbers and Automatically play the songs. The Window section also lets you to enable other Misc Options such Sow the Ping buttons, Show the link arrows, etc.

You can remove some of the icons from the system menu bar if you don’t use it too often. For instance, you can disable the Spotlight by clicking on Hide option.

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Thus, Deeper is all-in-one Mac Lion utility to customize Mac OS X Lion 10.7 usage and bump off other undesired native features and other botherations.


  • Adjust login settings
  • Advanced Finder settings


  • browser options compatible with Safari only
  • Limited features for Dashboard and Expose.

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