How to Delete Google+ Account Safely

Apart from bloggers, many users find Google Plus of little use. Some not even look at it after signing up for the service. So, if you too are not a heavy Google+ user, wanting to delete/close your Google + account permanently, we will let you know a simple way of doing it. Do not worry! You won’t lose your Google account or any other Google related services such as Google Reader, Gmail, etc.

Simply follow the below mentioned steps and delete your Google+ account safely, without affecting other Google services.

Delete or Close Google+ Account

  • Login to your Google+ Account by clicking on the ‘Sign in’ button.
  • In the upper-right corner of your Google+ profile page you will notice a drop-down arrow, just adjacent to your profile picture. Click on it.
  • From the available options, choose ‘Account’.
  • Instantly, you are directed to a new page. The page displays Google+ settings.
  • Scroll-down the page until you find this option – Delete profile and associated Google+ features. When found, click on the option.
  • This step is the most important step as here you are presented with 2 options, either to delete just your Google+ profile or the entire Google Profile that deletes your Google + profile as well as other services and their data that depend on a Google profile.
  • Choose the first option only i.e., ‘Delete Google+ content’ if you wish to delete only your Google+ profile.
  • Next, check the box that says, “I understand that deleting this service can’t be undone and the data I delete can’t be restored” and hit the ‘Remove selected services’ button.

That done, within minutes your Google+ account should be deleted or closed. Mind well, the services that were linked to or were associated with your Google+ account would no longer be accessible.

Have any of you already deleted your Google+ account? Or are you planning to delete it? Do let us know why you did so or plan to do so.

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