4 Desktop Apps Which Can Make You a Gmail Pro

4 Desktop Apps Which Can Make You a Gmail Pro

Gmail is known to be Google’s most popular Email Service. Infact Gmail is so  much popular that more than 70% of people of the world are using the benefits provided by Google. Google has made Gmail in such a way that its so simple but provides huge Functionality along with extensibility.

There are lot of thing which Google is creating and attaching new ideas and features with Gmail like Google Buzz, and of course the new Google Plus Chat with Gmail Contacts. Below is the list of top 5 Desktop tools which enhances your Gmail to be Pro.

1. Blogsigs.com

Blogsigs is used to embed your latest and creative signatures in your Email. Using this tool you can embed your latest creative signature in your Email. It is mainly supported by Mac OS X, Windows 2000/XP/Vista and browsers like Mozilla Firefox.

2. Gdisk

Gdisk will enable you to access your important mails, messages, and various files on internet. With the help of this tool you can turn your Gmail account to be acting as a Drive in your system. This tool can work only if you have Mac OS X (10.3 or above) and a GMail account.

3. Gmail Assistant

Gmail Assistant is a free and open source purely java based software that acts as a notifer for multiple Gmail and Email accounts. It poses a strict security which helps users conversation and mails to be secured with the help of using IMAP over SSL to enable accessing your information in a complete secured manner.  It comes with huge lot of features, some of them includes Single-File  Deployment, Zero Installation, No Traces Left Behind, Convenient Features along with easy updatability features.

4. Gmail Mobile

Gmail Mobile is a Mobile Desktop Application which will help you to be perfect while using Email networking. The features of this Apps includes Search Data, Conversation Data Views, Starts and Labels for 0rganising mails, Floaty bar, Archive, Mute and Move, Pam Filtering, Keyboard Shortcuts, Auto Complete Address and lots more.

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