How to detect a fake account of a girl on Facebook

Facebook has acquired value for the common man in day-to-day life. Business, sports, networking; you name it and it happens here. However, a lot of youth folks here search for their ‘maybe’ special someone or look up for casual dating. And so the girl-hunting process starts.

But beware! All that glitters is not gold. And not every girl on Facebook is hot n sexy or beautiful. Also, not every female account has a girl behind it. Tricky? Have a look at a few thumbnail points below if you are interesting in meeting girls on Facebook :

1. Constant Display Picture :

A constant display picture implies that there is a very high probability of that account being a fake one. And espcially so, if the picture is very attractive! Imposters usually download appealing pictures of unknown girls and post them as their display pictures while enjoying the huge number of likes and ‘comments’ by fellow male folks.

2. Huge Friend list :

The more number of friends, the more chances the of that profile not interacting with you – or it being a fake. C’mon, its completely illogical to expect a reply back on your comment “Hii Dear ******, you look amazing” whose profile has got some 2000+ friends of whom you are just 1 which leaves the other 1999+ or so vying for ‘her’ attention. LOL

3. English usage :

If that profile uses plzzzz for please, kewlll for cool and hiiieeee for hi, then these are the online communication traits of a girl. Be assured, its a genuine profile. If no, then you are in the wrong house. Or maybe on the wrong way. But then again – if that person faking is smart – he could be using these terms – so you can never really be sure there!

4. Facebook chat :

If the girl herself initiates the chat discussion majority of the time and picks it up after you having left it, then back off because you are being TROLLED. It ain’t a genuine account of any girl.

5. Humour :

Any girl would first want to judge the humour of the male person. However, if the jokes are mainly from her side and that too, a majority of them being of below-the-belt category, then do not reply back in similar fashion. Save that for a real girl as you would be wasting your time with ‘her’.

Facebook is a safe place only when you know your security priorities. Else, it is a dark den with stealers and phishers with black robes in dark corners waiting for you to make that ‘move’.

Hence – Beware and Be safe.

Note: This post has primarily been written after analyzing the online traits of Indian Facebook users. It may or may not hold true on a global note.

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