Download Playboy Magazine Uncensored Version iPad Web App

Playboy magazine has launched an app which has been designed to work on Apple iPad. The app, named as iPlayboy, will cover the uncensored edition of magazine. This news will surely delight the many who were waiting for it since the launch of  iPad in April 2010.

Playbook Magazine App for iPad

People used to wonder why Playboy had not launched an app for its magazine, like the other popular Magazines had. The reason was because of the nature of Playboy magazine’s content. Apple is very careful about allowing adult content in its App Store.

The Playboy developers therefore created their own Web App iPlayboy and it is now available at to download.

This web app has been written in HTML 5 and allows users to get full access to the iPad optimized digital versions of the magazine.

You have to buy a subscription for the new iPlayboy which will cost you $8 per month, $60 per year, or $100 for two years. The subscription provides readers to access the full collection of the Playboy magazine including not only the new issues, but also every single issue of Playboy magazine issued since 1953.

Since this web app is not under Apple restriction, Playboy magazine can publish any content. Apple will not be able to  control the content of the app, because it is directly accessible via a web browser. Moreover Playboy magazine will manage and control all the subscriptions directly.

Incidentally, a censored issue of the Playboy magazine is also available at Apple App Store.

If you wish, you can download iPlayboy.

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