How to Edit Software Sources and repositories in Ubuntu

Linux wasn’t intended to be the Linux For Human Beings that Ubuntu has made it today. Just try a distribution of Linux called Slackware and find out that Linux isn’t that simple as a Ubuntu PC. There’s nothing like a synaptic package manager or a GUI like Ubuntu Software Center.

You have to compile packages from source from tar.gz or tar.bz2 files. The files have to be first configured and then make install command has to be issued.

Debian changed the scenario. Deb packages offer one click installs using the dpkg command. There were no hassles in the process. And since Ubuntu is based on Debian, it copies the process. Packages can be downloaded and installed later. Packages of Debian have the format “.deb”. The files are downloaded by apt, which is a package downloader, integrated into Debian.

Ubuntu has the same and about 25,000 applications can be downloaded right away after installation. And who in the world isn’t greedy. We want more! Humour apart, we do come across an application that can be downloaded only using some sources other than the default provided by Ubuntu! And now lets get straight to work!

Method 1:- Using Ubuntu Software Center- Ubuntu Software Center makes it really easy to add sources to Ubuntu repositories. To do this, open software center and  then go to Edit >> Software Sources. Add other repositories to gain access to proprietary drivers, copyrighted material, source code etc. To do this, go to the Other Software Tab and add repositories. This will automatically add the repository.

source ubuntu

This method is not always successful though. Same can also be done by System>>Preferences>>Software Sources. The better method is method 2, although it is a bit geeky.

Method 2:- Using Terminal– In this we’d edit the sources file using gedit. To do this go to terminal and type sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list to open the sources.list file. Paste the link to the repository there and save the file. You’d be asked for password. Now with internet connection active, type sudo apt-get update. This will update the repositories of software.

Congratulations, you have successfully added repositories for software on your PC! Happy computing!

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