Eight Good Ways to Bring More Traffic to Your Website

Increasing the amount of traffic that comes to your website can be difficult, especially if you haven’t got any marketing experience. More traffic means more exposure, which often results in more profits. More profits can allow you to invest in your business, hire more staff, and increase the products or services that you offer.

Before you work on increasing your website’s traffic, you should dedicate some time to improving your website and making it ready for visitors. Increasing traffic is useless if you can’t convert visitors to customers.

This article will explain eight good ways to bring more traffic to your website:

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation [often abbreviated as SEO], is a very effective method of increasing the amount of organic traffic that reaches your website. It is the process of manipulating Google’s algorithm, in order to rank one’s website higher than one’s competition in Google’s search results. An SEO consultant will be able to formulate a strategy designed to increase your website’s traffic and convert visitors into customers. Many website owners attempt to manage their own SEO, but this is not advisable. It can be very complicated and is best left to the experts.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing your website on social media is also a very effective way of increasing your website’s traffic. The best part about social media is that it’s free. You can register an account for your business and begin marketing without paying a penny. Social media websites give you the opportunity to advertise your business and interact directly with your key audience. Finding your key audience is also very easy, with the help of tags and keyword filters. When you make your website’s social media page, make sure to include your website’s link in your account bio.

In addition to marketing yourself for free on social media, you can also pay social media platforms to display your advertisements to other social media users. Social media platforms will be able to directly target your key audience. With that in mind, make sure that you sign up for a platform that’s popular with your ideal demographic.

Influencer Marketing

“Influencers” are social media personalities who have amassed significant followings. Businesses around the world are beginning to use influencers to their advantage, by having them sponsor them and recommend products to their audience. Influencers do charge a lot of money but make up for this by directing thousands of people to your website. You will often be expected to provide a promotional code or discount, which the influencer will then advertise to their followers as their own personal discount code.  Make sure to find an influencer who specializes in your niche. For example, if you own a plumbing company then you will want an influencer who makes instructional videos about plumbing equipment.

As well as sponsoring influencers, you can sponsor people and other businesses in your local community. This is best-suited to small businesses that do not intend on expanding globally, such as cafés or restaurants.

Creating Content

Creating content can be a great way to encourage people to visit your website. In order to drive people with content, you need to produce well-thought-out, informative, and professional content. If you aren’t creative in that sense, then you can hire a content writer, videographer, or graphic creator to produce content for you. The content that you produce should be relevant to your business and to your website. Guest posting is a very popular type of content marketing.

Guest posts are posts made by you on another person’s website. In the content, you include a link to your own website and briefly talk about yourself. Writing content for other people’s websites is a great way to showcase your expertise and increase your website’s organic traffic.

Answering Questions

Answering questions on websites like Reddit and Quora is very effective. On these websites, people ask questions on a daily basis about a myriad of things. The idea is to find questions related to your business and industry, and answer them. Make sure to answer questions as thoughtfully as possible. Toward the end of your answer, include a call to action and information about your website. Try to avoid rushing answers or incorrectly answering questions.

Video Creation

Video creation is a type of content marketing that deserves its own heading. Through creating videos, you become, in a way, an influencer in your own right. As your audience slowly builds, you direct them to your website and increase your overall traffic. If you are going to create videos about a specific subject, you need to know a lot about it, or at the very least have good research and analytical skills. You can also advertise yourself directly on video streaming platforms, by paying for advertisement slots. Advertising your website on YouTube can be just as effective as advertising yourself on Instagram.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of increasing your website’s traffic and converting visitors to customers. With that said, email marketing only permits you to email people who have already subscribed to your website’s newsletter or subscription page. You can email people and notify them of promotions, deals, and sales. Make sure that when you are email marketing, that you do not become ‘spammy’ or annoy people. Send emails once in a while and avoid overloading people, otherwise, they will probably mute you and send your emails directly to their junk folder.

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing, like email marketing, allows you to contact subscribers directly. SMS marketing is sometimes more effective than email marketing, mainly because nowadays people use their phones a lot. When they receive an SMS with a link in it, most people click it immediately. However, just because people click your link and your website’s traffic increases, the idea is to convert them into customers. You can do this by including informative content in the SMS, and by offering promotional sales or discounts.

Increasing your website’s traffic can be difficult, but with the suggestions made in this article, it doesn’t need to be. Follow this article’s guidance and you should be on the path to exposure and success. Make sure to take each step carefully, and not to rush anything. Rome wasn’t built in a day.