How to embed Tweets and Entire Twitter Timeline on your website

The popular micro-blogging platform Twitter allows embedding any tweet, messages that are upto 140 characters long into any website, just like YouTube. Now, to make it more interactive the website has launched a tool that makes it easy to embed interactive timelines of Tweets on any website.

“These new embeddable timelines enable publishers, writers, developers, and any Twitter user to drop a rich, interactive piece of Twitter into their websites” said the product manager Brian Ellin on the Twitter blog. 

There’s no change in the functionality, the embedded timeline allows the same functions you get on Twitter like expanding tweets to view photos and media, retweet, mark as favorite or reply to tweets directly from the page.

Embed tweets in website

Log into your Twitter account and search for the tweet you want to embed. Move the cursor over the tweet and click on the ‘Open’ link.

Then, scroll down until you find ‘Details’ link. When noticed, click on it.

Instantly, an ‘Embed this tweet’ link should be visible to you, click on it.

Next, from the pop-up window that will appear on your computer screen copy the link and paste it into the website of your choice.

Embed entire Twitter Timeline in website

For this, visit here and click on ‘Create your own embedded timeline right now’ link of the page. It is the first line of the last paragraph. You will be automatically taken to the widgets section of your Twitter settings page once you sign in. There you will find a ‘Create new’ button. Click on it.

Then, move to the main page, choose a timeline source and customize options such as height, theme, Link color, etc. When done, click on ‘Create widget’ button to build a timeline.

Then, just copy and paste the code into the HTML of your site. That’s it!

Now, when you browse a website that have embedded a Twitter timeline, you can easily interac with it. Just expand it to view a photo/media or start a conversation straight away from the tweet box of the page.

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