10 Epic Google Blunders

10 Epic Google Blunders

Everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect. Google too makes errors every now and then, and when it does something silly, the whole world takes notice. Here are 10 such Google products that were intended to become super-hits but hit bad luck!

1. Google Videos

10 Epic Google BlundersAlthough Google owns YouTube, but this service should seriously be stopped. Containing most of the YouTube videos in a different interface, with no advanced features as in YouTube, this service has few active members. Advice to Google- Drop This Service!

2. Google Buzz

10 Epic Google BlundersGoogle Buzz was intended to compete with Facebook, but Google had no idea how the service was. It was all buggy and got into many cases against it. Most of them were related to privacy data, where anyone could view anyone’s data!

3. Google Answers

10 Epic Google BlundersGoogle Answers was a nice service in my opinion, as the users could ask questions which other users could answer. The answers were also nice, but it couldn’t compete to Yahoo! Answers which is active even today. The service stopped after 2 years.

4. Google TV

Google TV was a very ambitious project but it all went in vain. It was intended to create a SmartTV platform in your browser, but huge losses were to follow. Google tied up with Logitech and Sony to launch the platform but Logitech opted out this year. Most of the reviews are also mediocre.

5. Google Page Creator

10 Epic Google BlundersGoogle Page Creator was a service that allowed you to create pages through Google without any prior HTML knowledge, but when everyone could own a blog, who’d want just a page? Seems like Google thought the way I did and discontinued the service soon

6. Jaiku

10 Epic Google BlundersJaiku was a micro-blogging service bought by Google, which had a strong focus on mobiles. It had to compete with Twitter, which it couldn’t do and it flopped. Google suffered big losses!

7. Google Street View

It surely isn’t a flop and seems to be quite fun. Navigating to an area in 3D seems good, but it got into many privacy issues, with many images of people peeing, women drying their hair came up along with the buildings. When complained about, Google just removed these images without editing!

8. Chrome OS

Most people don’t even know that this thing is out. No one has time to wait for his internet connection to do his work. And bring just one application on the PC to the way, it paves the path for a perfect flop!

9. Google Wave

10 Epic Google BlundersA service that allows users to work together, much like a work oriented social network. Google Docs is integrated into Google Wave. Ask me, I found the site nice. Ask the world, Google Wave flopped!

10. Google Nexus One

10 Epic Google BlundersThe first Google phone didn’t do well in the market. It brought in several new features but wasn’t received well. Some Wi-fi issues flowed in and the touch also had few problems. And so it flopped. But the Galaxy Nexus looks quite promising!

To err is Human, to forgive Divine – Alexander Pope

In the end, I’d like to say that Google is good at most of the things it does. Its failures are masked by its successes. And for me, Google rocks!

Do you agree with my views or do you a different opinion?

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