Essential Online Tools That Will Help You Manage A Team Remotely

Managing a team remotely is never easy, but in our modern and fast-paced world, it has quickly become a necessity. In years long gone, one would manage their team face-to-face, or over the phone at least. Now, however, most people are working from their homes, and because of this digital working, their managers and bosses are having to supervise them from their own homes. Managing a team remotely can be challenging, but if done correctly, can be very rewarding and can be very beneficial for every single member of your team.

In this article, we are going to present to you a few tools that we think will help you to manage your remote team better. By following this page, your team should become more efficient, more effective, and much better.

Here are some essential tools that will help you to manage a team remotely.

Video Calling Applications

When you are dealing with a team remotely, in order to keep a sense of camaraderie among your team, you will need to invest in a video calling application. If you do not, then you will, to begin with, be unable to have digital meetings, and secondly, keep up with your staff and check that they are actually doing what they say they are. Sporadic video calls will keep your team in shape and ensure that they are working and that they are not just lying around in their pajamas and not doing their work.

Messaging Applications

You will also need a messaging application to keep in touch with your team. This can ensure that you are able to communicate with them through messages and send pictures to them. Messaging applications will enable you to speak to your team without bothering them with a phone call or a video call, which can be far better, and less intrusive. You do not want to video call them every single waking moment, because this can become incredibly annoying and off-putting. Always have a messaging application to communicate with your team on.

Calling Applications

You will also need an application wherein you can make phone calls to them without video. Usually, the same application that you video call on will have a calling function, and if not that, then your messaging application will. If neither do, then all I can say is that perhaps you should consider getting new messaging and video calling applications! Investing in an application that enables you and your team to call one another can be, in some cases, better than a video calling application. You will be able to speak to them and ensure they are keeping up with their work without seeing them.

Time Tracking

Time tracking applications are also fundamentally important. When you are working from home, you can become distracted and the work may not be done to the standard that it otherwise would. A time tracking application, according to the digital tracking specialists from can help your staff to be efficient and keep your business simple. These applications are to be used by your staff any time that they finish a task so that you can check in on how fast they are working and so you can be certain that they are not messing around not taking their work seriously.


Your team will, undoubtedly, need an application that enables them to keep track of their calendars. Whatever the application is that you use, you will also need to ensure that you have access to their calendars so that you can delegate tasks effectively and ensure that they work efficiently and according to their schedule. Calendar applications are highly effective and should definitely be used when you are managing a team remotely. You can find an infinite number of online calendar apps, though the best may be the standard Microsoft one that comes with your computer.

Spreadsheets and Documents

Online spreadsheets and documents shared through Cloud services like Google Docs are a very effective way for you to ensure your team is staying on top of their work and for you to make changes to their work remotely. Spreadsheets and documents used on Cloud platforms are used by more or less every single sector of business nowadays – they can be used to great effect. To get started, you just need to register an account with one of these services then create and start sharing documents. Integrating your staff into these platforms can be very useful.

Managing a team remotely, with this page, just got a little easier. While there will still be hurdles and pitfalls, with the suggestions on this page we sincerely believe that your team will begin to run more efficiently. Thank you for reading.

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